Goodbye fat, hello spring diet!

It’s now basically spring, which means the days of regular comfort eating to get us through the winter months are gone. The time has come for hardcore dieting.


If you’re like me, then just saying the word ‘diet’ is enough to make you want to curl up in bed with a pack of Oreo’s to watch Netflix for a day or so. I’m not good at long-term changes to my diet, and definitely am more of one of those crash dieters. One of those crash dieters that stares at the mirror in the evening of day one looking for a noticeable change, and then eating a sandwich when I can’t see any changes, because ‘what’s the point? The damn diet CLEARLY doesn’t even work!’

This year, all that half-arsed dieting is over. I am going on an actual, real life diet, starting tomorrow. Tomorrow, because a) it’s a new week, b) today is almost over, and c) I have the rest of today to stuff my face with the beautiful goodness I’m going to be depriving myself of for the next ‘however many months it takes me to get skinny and hot’. I say that, watch how next week I’ll be blogging about an amazing cake recipe I found and how I had been eating it all week. On that note, I did make the yummiest cookies yesterday, for David’s birthday! They were so fabulously chewy and had chocolate chips, and were basically happiness in cookie form… I really, really want a cookie now.

For a short stint last year, I managed to be vegan, and that managed to help me lose weight, and helped fix up my eczema – massive win-win situation, even though going out for food with friends was a giant pain in everyone’s arse! I’m honestly considering doing a semi-vegan diet. I say semi-vegan, only because I don’t think I have the patience to force myself back into that mindset, and also because I’m done with being that girl that can’t eat “normal” food when she goes out. Almost everyone had the same reaction when they heard that I was following a vegan diet: “Are you crazy? What the hell do you eat?!” To answer those questions now, no I am not that crazy, and I eat a lot of delicious food. Vegan food is actually amazing, because (once you’ve found the right recipe) it tastes GLORIOUS and is relatively healthy because you cut out the heavy, fat-covered animal products. There are times where I miss being vegan, because I felt bloody amazing after the first couple of months! It really is an easy way to be healthier, it’s just tricky for the first few weeks, when you need to read the labels to EVERYTHING you don’t make yourself (you’ll be surprised how many packaged foods have milk powder in it. That annoying little fucker manages to sneak it’s way into almost everything…)

I’ve done it once before, so I probably can do it again, only less intense. So, my partial vegan diet and ‘overall eat less crap’ diet starts tomorrow! It will start tomorrow, I promise!
Unless someone buys a pack of biscuits, in which case goodbye diet, hello forever fatty existence.

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