GN’R’s Reunion Is The Reason For My Happiness


Guns N’ Roses are back. The headline I’ve been waiting for, for what seems like my entire life, is now here, kind of. Slash and Axl are friends again and will be performing together at Coachella 2016, as well as allegedly embarking on an arena tour, so there’s only really one thing to say…

Take me down to the Paradise City.

I completely understand that Coachella is essentially the American equivalent of Glastonbury, so getting hold of a ticket will be a chore in itself. Partner that with the fact that I will be needing a plane ticket to LA when the time comes, and we’re looking at a pretty massive blow to my already weak bank account. But then just knowing that Slash and Axl will (might) perform together for the first time since before I was bornย is enough for me to think, “hell yeah, this is worth it!”

Now, as an avid online-stalker of Slash, Axl, Duff, and the Guns N’ Roses pages, it’s incredibly annoying to see that nothing has been posted online yet, from any party. However Billboard have posted about it, and they’re pretty accurate and a reliable source, so I believe it and have since spent my time hyperventilating and grinning like a fool whenever I remember. When I first heard the news, I actually stopped talking for a good 10 minutes.

I’m not too sure why I love Guns N’ Roses so much; believe me, I’ve thought about it and I’ve discussed it with many people. I start trying to put it into words, but then give up after about 2 minutes of “I don’t know, they’re just… they’re so… you know how… I mean they… it’s like this… they’re awesome.”


The first time I saw them was at Reading festival in 2010, and it was actually magical. Yes, Axl is old. Yes, his voice has changed and aged. Yes, he will walk onto the stage 2+ hours late. But yes, he does put his all into his performance. Yes, he will talk to the crowd. Yes, he will need to be almost forced off the stage. Yes, he will pull out random classic songs you wouldn’t expect. Yes, his eyes and face do still light up and soften slightly when he sings those classic ballads… It’s justย glorious!

I’ve also seen Slash three times (which means I’ve also heard Sweet freaking Child O’ Mine live six. damn. times.) and he manages to hold the audience captive for an entire set without even talking to the crowd that much, and THAT is something special…

According to the rumours, both Matt Sorum and Duff McKagan are down for this reunion. There’s no surprises with Duff; he’s played with the band a few times since 2010 – when he randomly came out on stage after 14 years to play bass on You Could Be Mine. Watching that tall, blonde bassist swagger out from the side of the stage was one of the highlights of my life. Sad? Maybe, but it’s the truth…


While all this news is going on, and the world has collectively freaked out, Axl reminded us all that nothing has actually been confirmed. Annoyingly, he did this via Twitter, which he seldom uses (he rarely announces anything to public in general…) and it was not the vaguest of Tweet’s he’s sent, but it was still the most irritating.

Look, Axl, sweetie, you know I love you. I love you with all my being, you are one of the few people on Earth that I don’t hate, but for the love of Paradise City and all the heavens, JUST TELL ME WHAT IS HAPPENING!

Axl will be appearing on Jimmy Kimmel on Tuesday 5th January to speak out about the alleged reunion. I’m taking this as a positive thing, because of the aforementioned him-not-talking-to-the-public thing, but then I don’t want to get my hopes up too high.

This isn’t even slightly fair.

I’ll be staying up all night tomorrow, waiting for Axl’s interview and to watch it in real time, so someone find me a decent link I can stream it from please?!

There are strong rumours that the reunited band will be hitting up Reading & Leeds Festivals as part of their reunion tour (if it’s legit) and for anyone who has ever met, even once, you’ll know that Reading is my festival. I’ve been camping there every year since 2012, and the first time I saw Guns N’ Roses was in that same field. I am officially praying to every deity that has ever been mentioned for this news to be confirmed, and for the Reading rumour to be true!

If it is true, then I’ll probably need a week or so to process the information, and then another few days to just calm my heart palpitations. I take Guns N’ Roses very, very seriously…


(That gif is from the last show Slash and Axl ever played together, back in the 90’s… I’m really not okay!)

[EDIT] – I woke up to the news from Axl Rose, and they’re confirmed for Coachella. Slash posted on Instagram about it. It’s real. It’s happening. Have my first born child, I don’t care, just get me to that festival!


iiii]; )’

A photo posted by @slash on Jan 4, 2016 at 6:57pm PST

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