Heaven is cold weather and acoustics

Cold and rainy weather means it’s a good time to snuggle on the sofa, with a fluffy blanket, a cup of tea, and the Gilmore Girls box set. For those not lucky enough to own the DVD’s to one of the greatest shows ever, it’s also the perfect weather to jam out to slow, acoustic songs, while you imagine your life in an alternate universe.

Acoustic songs are absolutely beautiful, because they manage to capture emotions within the songs and lyrics that may not have been as obvious in electric versions (assuming we’re talking about an acoustic cover.) Original acoustic songs, when done right, have the capability to make me feel a wide range of emotions, reduce me to tears, and force me to curl into a ball, cursing all my feels.

Here is a list (in no particular order) of some of the most perfect acoustic songs ever recorded. In my very honest, and very humble opinion…

1)   Patience – Guns N’ Roses
Adorable, and just downright amazing. The last two minutes, when shit gets real and Axl’s voice does that beautiful high-pitched thing, is probably the best thing on the whole album.

2)   When We Were Angels – Michale Graves
Ridiculously cute, and somehow makes me confused about what emotion I’m feeling. Is it melancholy? Is it happiness? Is it optimism? I don’t know, I just really like the song.

3)   You – Keaton Henson
When I first heard this song, I listened to it for two days, because I fell in love with it that much. It is so, so, so heart wrenchingly beautiful, and comes straight from the King of Melancholy, and I just want all the lyrics tattooed everywhere on my body!

4)   Black (Unplugged) – Pearl Jam
One of the best songs, from one of the best albums, AND IT’S UNPLUGGED! MTV Unplugged honestly made some of the best music of the 90’s even better, purely because it turned the bands acoustic, and more emotional. Black is a prime example of that, shown especially with Eddie Vedder’s “we belong together” improve at the end of the song. Excuse me, I’m just drowning in my tears…

5)   You Had Me At Hello – A Day To Remember
Okay, so this isn’t exactly an acoustic song, but it’s more mellow and calmed down than the rest of the band’s discography, and uses mainly acoustic guitars, and there’s a lot of vocal harmonies, and it’s a really cute song, so shut up, it’s on the list!

6)   Friend of a Friend – Foo Fighters
This is on the list purely because it’s by Foo Fighters, is acoustic, features Dave Grohl’s gorgeously quiet vocals, and is heavily hinted at being about Kurt Cobain. That’s literally everything, but what more could you possibly want from an acoustic?

7)   Nicest Thing – Kate Nash
I defy anyone to listen to this song, and not think about someone as soon as they hear the first note. It just can’t be done! Everything about this song will make you want to run up to that person and just scream the lyrics in their face. True story, bro. Just don’t do it, ‘cause you’ll probably end up looking like a desperate fool.

8)   Hold On ‘Till May (Acoustic) – Pierce The Veil
For anyone who’s been in the bad place, this song is for you. Depending on your emotions, and personal mental state, it is possible that this song will make you cry. But remember: “Darling, you’ll be okay.”

9)   Everlong (Acoustic) – Foo Fighters
One of the best songs every written and recorded TURNED ACOUSTIC! Hell. Yes. If you don’t consider Dave Grohl to be a demi-god then you’re completely wrong and you need to re-evaluate your life okay now goodbye.

10)  Where Did You Sleep Last Night? (Unplugged cover) – Nirvana
This list wouldn’t be complete without Nirvana, one of my personal favourite bands. This was the last song on the setlist to their MTV Unplugged gig, and definitely a fabulously perfect way to end it. Watch the video for extra emotions and feels. Kurt’s face right at the end, when he takes that breath before the last word, and stares straight ahead, and his eyes are the bluest eyes in the entire damn world… That right there is one of the greatest moments in music history.

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