The Internet Found The Dancing Man!

The Internet has spoken – The Dancing Man shall dance with thousands of women! All is good in the world!


The Dancing Man was photographed dancing at a gig by a 4chan user (WHY does everything bad start there?!) and uploaded with the caption: “Spotted this specimen trying to dance the other week. He stopped when he saw us laughing.”

The picture was quickly spread around, but mainly by people who were disgusted by the OP’s comments, which are pretty low, even by Internet troll standards. But the Internet is a place where it’s 98% talk – so many people talk or write about doing good things and just expect it to get done without even putting anything into action, so it’s actually surprising that THIS GREAT THING HAS HAPPENED!

This lovely lady, Cassandra Fairbanks, started an online campaign along with some other women to try and find the dancing man for an amazing surprise party!

After #FindDancingMan started trending on Twitter, more and more people started Tweeting in to try and find him for the special party with almost 2,000 other women who want him to dance with them. YES, REALLY!


The happy story gets evEN HAPPIER AND COOLER when you find out that they found the man!

A group of 2000 strong, empowered and compassionate women from Los Angeles are on the lookout for this man. They want to show him that not everyone treats others poorly and they want to find him and DANCE. We have access to the hottest venues in Hollywood and would like to fly him here, expenses paid, to dance the night away. I wanted to do something nice for him. I sent out a tweet and it spread like wildfire. Now we are keeping in touch as me and my lady cult, GNI (not actually a cult) plan an incredible party.
– Cassandra Fairbanks

Yep, on Friday morning (as in, yesterday) Cassandra was sent this Tweet!

And she confirmed the news!

The man, Sean, will be heading to LA to see Cassandra and the other 2,000 ladies in the coming weeks to get down and boogie. We just don’t know when, yet… But we do know that they have the support of Pharrell Williams.

This is really, really, incredibly, truly, super cool news! It’s finally starting to put an end to the Internet trolls and telling them that it’s REALLY NOT COOL to body shame someone. That’s not even restricted to just online – you shouldn’t body shame anyone.

I don’t understand why that’s so hard to understand; it’s literally the basics of being a nice person. If you body shame someone, then I hope all your personal defects and everything you’re insecure about is photographed and spread online, because you are a mean person, and you suck.

Just don’t fat shame/skinny shame (yes – that’s also a thing), ever.

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