What You Can Binge Watch Now That You’ve Been Fired!

So I realise I haven’t blogged in a while and there is a reason for that! I had a job – a job writing news pieces for a news website in London, and I’ve just found out that the entire team of writers has been fired because the company went bust and wasn’t making money.

If I’m being totally honest, I’m not that shocked; I knew it was risky going into a start up company with absolutely no fall back option, but at the time I didn’t think of that – I had a job! The pay was awful but the experience was all that mattered, and I have nothing.

Except for Netflix.

Who will never leave me. Not one to stray on the negatives (that’s a lie I’m totally one to stray on a negative! The glass is chipped, cracked, dirty, and half full of pig urine!) I have thought of the positives of this firing. I have more time to apply for actual jobs which are more secure, with a reputable reputation, and that offers some sense of job progression!

The second positive (which was pointed out by my friend and now former colleague, Aimee Tarling) we have more time to binge watch Netflix! We spend a shameful amount of time of Netflix, so here is our list of shows you should binge watch when you find yourself unemployed and hating life. Or if you happen to have a lot of free time… like a week’s holiday from the job you most likely have…

1) House
Now, I have spent an unholy amount of time binge-watching House, and honestly, I fall in love with him just a little bit more every episode. He is a sarcastic and arrogant asshole, but the way he’s always right (and he is always right) is just sexy and hot. I want 10 of him. The medical aspect makes me feel like I’m learning a lot, and I also try and self-medicate myself. Also I ship Chase and Cameron.

2) Parks and Recreation
Leslie Knope will make you want to try your hardest in every single aspect of your life, and it’s actually really motivational! It’s also hilarious, and you’ll see certain personality traits within each character in your friends – it’s the weirdest feeling when you realise that you’re basically best friends with Ron Swanson… Also, Leslie and Ann are best-friend-goals, and Leslie and Ben are relationship goals. #Fact.
Parks and Rec

3) Gilmore Girls
Gilmore Girls is the ultimate girly binge-watching show, and you’ll end up vowing to yourself to be a mother just like Lorelai, and be best friends with your daughter. I get overly invested with all the characters, and suddenly I feel like I’m living in Stars Hollow every time I watch it. Why am I not Rory yet?
Gilmore Girls

4) Friends
This is the show that everyone grew up watching, and it really does seem like you’re part of the gang. I am Chandler, don’t fight me on that, and I can quote every episode. It doesn’t matter that I’ve seen each episode countless numbers of times, I don’t get bored of it. If you’re looking for something a little bit new, but you’re a diehard Friends fan, then I highly recommend buying the extended edition box set, because it includes deleted scenes, and it’s like you’re watching the whole for the first time all over again! Glorious.

5) That 70s Show
This is just like Friends, as some people grew up watching Eric Foreman and co go through high school. It’ll remind you being in school and thinking that your life is over because you’ve suddenly realised that your friends are irritating. It’ll also make you appreciate the friends you do have (if any) while suddenly wishing you could build a time-machine and go back to the 70s. Every time I watch this, I feel like it’s a fab idea to buy and wear flared jeans and attempt to be Donna.
That 70s Show

6) It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
This may actually be the best “make me forget everything about my life” series that has ever been created. Each of the gang hate and love each other, and you’ll find yourself finding bits of your personality in each of the characters – you may not like it just FYI.

7) The Inbetweeners
Every early 20’s will remember watching this when it first started on a school night, so watching this when you’ve just lost a job is good enough to make you remember the good old days, when all you had to worry about was how good your straighteners were (for me, anyway, because my hair is mad curly/frizzy) and the best way to deal with the annoying class mate that somehow always ended up sitting next to you (why, miss, why?!)

8) How I Met Your Mother
HIMYM is a classic series, but only in the sense that you can easily drop it the random quote – most popular being “Challenge Accepted!” You’ll always aspire to be the Barney of your group, but more often than not will end up being the Ted Mosby. Fortunately for us, you’ll always have that friend that’s more Ted than you, which leaves you as the Barney (or Marshall/Lily, depending on how well adjusted you are in your life, or Robin depending on how well you deal with your emotions)

9) Ugly Betty
For me, Betty is who I want to be. I would give anything to be a writer, and if that meant being an assistant to an arrogant rich-boy asshole, and slowly shaping him to be the most amazing boss and man that ever roamed the Earth, then I will gladly take it! Please can my life just be like Betty Suarez’s now? I will gladly deal with an irritating boss and bitchy coworkers if it just meant I can be a legit journalist!
Ugly Betty

10) Scrubs
Scrubs makes me want to work with my best friends – or work in a place where I can meet my best friends. The perfect blend of comedy and seriousness makes it such a good choice for binge-watching; you can laugh the hours away and then cry as you realise that you’ll probably end up dying, alone, with a mysterious illness that no one knows the cure to, being treated by Dr Cox and having to witness the true romance between Turk and JD…

After binge-watching my way through this list, of course…

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