Be prepared for an unholy number of John Green quotes in cute handwriting…


So, for those that don’t know, John Green (the dude who wrote The Fault In Our Stars)’s novel Paper Towns was being made into a film and today theY RELEASED THE TRAILER and it’s actually really good.

The novel was amazing, and may actually be my favourite John Green book, but that opinion changes on a daily basis so don’t quote me on it. The film looks like it’s been made amazingly well, and I have a feeling that it will reduce me to a puddle of tears and feels just like TFIOS did…


In the novel littered with quotable paragraphs from the King of YA novels, Paper Towns follows the story of Quentin ‘Q’ Jacobsen as he tries to find the love of his life, Margo Roth Speigelman, after she runs away (for the umpteenth time). She leaves him a breadcrumb trail of vague and enigmatic clues, and with his friends Ben and Radar, Q ends up taking on the biggest adventure of his boring and monotonous life. It sounds really cliche, but it’s AMAZING.

The voice-over from Q (played by Nat Wolff) gives us a little background and the general story line about how in love with Margo (played by Cara Delevingne) he is, even though they’re just neighbours. Then we get into meeting his sassy friends, and how he gets sucked up into Margo’s brilliant revenge plans, which includes the damn fishes!
Do you know how happy that makes me?!?!

Unfortunately, we didn’t see the World’s Largest Collection of Black Santa’s which, I won’t lie to you, upset me. But I suppose that’s just even more to look forward to when the film actually does come out in July.


Now, getting down to it – while the film looks totally awesome, it’s got some pretty good adaptations as competition. Obviously The Fault In Our Stars will be the main comparison, but for me another adaptation I’ll compare it to is Perks of Being A Wallflower.

I doubt I’ll be able to get the same surge of overwhelming feels in every chapter like I get while reading the book, because John Green’s writing style is beyond amazing, witty, relatable, and compelling. However, he’s had a lot of say in the production of this movie so I’m convinced that he won’t have let it be directed into the ground.

The book was beautiful and emotional and glorious and magical and marvellous and just basically pretty damn good. I really hope the movie is the same, or at least a little bit fabulous. Q’s love and adoration for Margo is definitely something only found in books and fiction, but it’s still heart warming, and even makes me, a soulless and heartless grunger, cry. Why can’t I have a Q? Where is my Q? Why do I have to die alone? sigh… My relationship goals is literally just to find someone that adores me as much as Q adores Margo. That’s it and that’s all.


You can watch the trailer here, and be amazed, and then cry. Also, if you haven’t already read the book, then whAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?! READ THAT NOW!

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