Bridget Jones – the perfect role model.

If these are the best days of my life, then I don’t want to live on this planet anymore. That’s a rather bleak and pessimistic first sentence, to be honest. But it’s true.

All adults, after they’ve heard me mutter about how much I can’t wait to be older and actually living life, say the same thing: “These are the best days of your life! Enjoy them!”

OK SIR, I am currently a 20 year-old unemployed, university dropout, who looks stuck with living with her parents until she’s very, very old. I have my life going in the direction I want it to go, though. I completed a course in multimedia journalism, and I’m blogging about my life on an almost daily basis now, and I’m applying for jobs left, right and centre. But, to be honest, I really don’t feel self actualised. You’d think that knowing exactly what I want to do with my life, and doing everything in my power to make it happen would make me feel like I’m achieving something great, but I just really need my life to start, like right now.

I want to take wild advantage of the fact that I live in London! I want to have a fabulous job in the city, and make enough money to move out of my childhood home. I want to be able to say that I’ve eaten at ridiculously priced restaurants that only exist in obscure areas of London. I want to be able to afford to go out for cocktails with my equally successful friends after work one day, and then be able to wake up for work the next day, not dying of a hangover. Basically, I want my life to kind of be like Bridget Jones’.

Say what you will about her – she’s a little bit crazy, sort of analytical, had definite issues in regards to getting her life on track at the start of the movie (and did some pretty embarrassing stuff, too) but she still made it work for her, and she pulled it all off fabulously! She had the support of her friends, who are all equally as troubled as her. She lived the life that I want to be able to say I live! Just, maybe I don’t want ALL the aspects of her life! I mean, I don’t really wanna neck a bottle of wine every night while singing to myself (I do that now, I don’t need to do that when I’m older) and I definitely do not want to have to worry about being found half-eaten by Alsatians in my own home…

In spite of all these issues, Bridget Jones is actually a fantastic role model! She’s witty, incredibly intelligent, and manages to fix her awful situations with grace and courtesy. I am not ashamed to admit that I aspire to be (a little bit) like Bridget, and I honestly can’t imagine anyone watching that film or reading the novel, and not wanting to be like her at least a little bit.

One thought on “Bridget Jones – the perfect role model.

  1. I feel like I can relate to this some. I’m currently hating the feeling of “I should be doing something…but what?”

    Right now I might settle for watching bridget jones’s diary since I’ve never seen it,


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