Can Guys & Girls Ever Just Be Friends?

Can guys and girls ever just be friends?

It’s a question that’s asked a helluva lot, and has been debated since the dawn of time (not really but just go with it.)
There’s been movies dedicated to finding the answer, and almost every TV show touches upon it, with a “will they won’t they” storyline forever present between seemingly good friends. But how does it work in real life, without having that perfect fairy tale ending that’s written for our favourite characters? Will there always be FEELS involved or is that just the media brainwashing us into thinking that we mustn’t ever attempt to be friends with with someone of the opposite sex, just on the chance that something may happen?

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I Blame My Lack of Y Chromosome.

Many of you will know about my love for music. I’ve posted about it before, and I think I mention it quite a bit, too! The reasons why are pretty simple: I love the way certain music makes me feel; I love dancing; I love singing; I like air-guitaring; I love gigs; I love how when I listen to certain songs, I feel like they were written just for me; and most importantly, I’m on that lifelong journey to compile the world’s most perfect playlist (which, by the way, I have almost completed! There’ll be a blog post to follow…)

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Most girls get freebies, I get CBF.

It’s pretty much a universal truth that girls get freebies on a daily basis. Or, at least, get away with more on a daily basis…

Being a girl (in case that wasn’t WILDLY obvious…) this is something that I have definitely noticed a lot, but that’s mainly because I never get free stuff, whereas all my friends do. It’s okay, though, I mean you just kind of get used to it once it’s happened a few times… Or, in my case, your entire teenage and (kind-of) adult life.

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