Sloth Week is Here!


Now till Wednesday is known as Sloth Week, which basically means that if you have regular internet access and you love sloths, you should head over to SlothWeek.Com to read daily updates and facts, AND watch videos of these adorable animals!

Everyone loves sloths! I’m not sure how or why but suddenly the sloth-obsessed corner of the internet has reached fame over the past year or so. People either want to be a sloth or they want to have a pet sloth. I’ll hold my hands up and admit to the latter (and a little bit of the former) – sloths are freaking adorable! How amazing would it be to have like a giant fuzzy pet monkey who smiles 24/7 and sleeps all day!? SO AMAZING, THAT’S HOW AMAZING! And the reason why is so incredibly simple: Sloths are awesome!

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