“We will bring the tidal wave!”

Pierce The Veil as a support for Bring Me The Horizon on The Crooked Young Tour were incredible! I’ve only recently really gotten into them, and for personal reasons, I’ve fallen in love with them.

I’d only really listened to Caraphernelia (from their 2010 album Selfish Machines) before, but then, on a whim, I decided to get their last album Collide With The Sky (2012). This album made them so much more popular, I feel, because after it came out and I listened to it, the band were suddenly everywhere. I didn’t go to any of their headline shows, but still wanted to see them live. I got my chance on Wednesday, as they were supporting Bring Me The Horizon, along with Sights & Sounds. I didn’t bother going to see Sights & Sounds (because I was working, and so were everyone I was going with, so we ended up missing them), but I got to the venue about 5 minutes before Pierce The Veil took to the stage.

They were incredible. They opened with Bulls In The Bronx, and straight away the energy in the venue rose completely. I’ve been to a fair share of gigs, and I can safely say that the energy for support acts is not always that high. You need to have an amazing support for the crowd to be as pumped as if they’re already seeing the headline band. I stayed at the back, by the bar, and so had a very decent view and room to breathe, drink, and dance (which I definitely did!).

The song I was most excited to hearing was Hell Above. I’d been listening to that on repeat for about a week before the gig, and was so excited to hear it, that as soon as they started playing May These Noises Startle You In Your Sleep Tonight (the minute-and-a-half long intro to Hell Above on the album) I could hardly control myself; I screamed along so hard to the line “THIS IS THE STREET YOUTH RISING UP!” I thought I’d already blown my throat out.

Caraphernelia was another highlight; obviously Jeremy McKinnon didn’t make an appearance (but my year would have made if he did…) but it was still incredible to just hear Vic’s voice singing the way through. They ended the set with King For A Day, which obviously led to a crowd sing-a-long for probably their most popular song. Or should that be a scream-a-long..? In my partial drunken state it seemed a good idea to attempt to sing Kellin Quinn’s parts as high as he does. Obviously that wasn’t such a fabulous idea. It hurt my throat. It was a lot of fun to sing to though, and Siobhan and I got waaaaay into it at one point… Harmonies were attempted. That’s all I’m gonna say.

If you’re a fan of Pierce The Veil then I won’t bother telling you that you need to go and see them. But if you’re not a fan, or haven’t heard their stuff, then I seriously recommend you check them out. It’s not for everyone (I once had a friend tell me that Vic’s high vocal range seriously puts him off listening to them, because it’s “too girly.” Each to their own, I guess…) But they’re still so good, incredibly talented, and amazing to see live. You can tell they love their fans, and know the issues that they go through, and appreciate them so very fucking much. They’re good role models to have, and they know it, which is evident in the way they speak to the crowd, and the lyrics they write. I wish I’d found them sooner than I did, but I’m so glad I have their music in my life now.