The Festival That Broke My Spirit

Reading festival is my festival. It was the first festival I attended, for the day, in 2010. It was the first festival I camped at for the weekend in 2012. And since then, I’ve gone every year. I’ve done the camping thing, I’ve done the day thing, I’ve done the toilets, the food and the “where the ever loving HELL is my tent?!”

I love Reading. The acts are always incredible, I’ve made so many memories there, and the happiest moments of my entire life have been spent there. But I will not go back next year.

Reading, your campers have broken my spirit.

Tony & I don’t like this anymore.

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Sing For The Moment

It’s no secret that I love music more than the average 20 year old Londoner. Where everyone has their hobbies on what they spent their hard earned money from (better known as student loans) mine pretty much revolves around music. Reading about it, listening to it, and going to see it.

I was lucky enough to go and see Eminem at his second Wembley gig. Regardless of what everyone has said about it being a flop and the sound was awful or whatever – I had a great time! The atmosphere more than made up for the crappy sound quality, which is one of the main reasons I love going to gigs so much.

Another “main reason” gigs are basically heaven for me is it allows me to see the person that wrote the lyrics I love so very much, and suddenly that person isn’t just a poster on a wall or the sound in my headphones – they are there. They are alive. They are standing in front of me and talking to me!

We're Not Worthy

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Tattoo Discrimination is Still Discrimination

I’ve always wanted tattoos. I think they’re amazing and beautiful, and I would love to have one. Or ten. Mostly they’d be lyrics of songs that have changed my outlook on life and myself, and quotes that have helped me come to terms with the person I am: a total wreck.
But for some reason, certain people hate tattoos. And it’s these people that are the ones in power. For the most part…
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Be Nice To Sales Assistants


Minimum wage workers get the most shit in their job. They work the longest hours, often really early in the morning or long into the late hours in the night. They have to work public holidays, like Boxing Day, Bank Holidays, and New Years Eve and Day. They also suffer the terrifyingly awful role of having to endure stupid customers regularly. Retail assistants especially, get so much crap thrown at them on a daily basis and no one seems to care. One of my friends has just started her first job, as a sales assistant in M&M World, and she’s getting increasingly stressed out. I worked as a retail assistant (in one of the worst department stores, on frigging Oxford Street) for two years, and let me tell you now, it sucked.

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Embrace The Selfie

Dog Selfie

The selfie has taken the world by storm. Through the amazing invention of a front facing camera on all phones, it’s become so much easier than having to do that weird reach around, bent-wrist, guess, aim, capture thing. Instagram is overflowing with ECU’s of peoples faces, and Snapchat has given rise to embracing the “ugly selfie” – it is now so much easier to send your derpy face to your best friend. Some people argue that it’s all allowing for a rise in narcissism, and that it’s a bad thing for people to want to capture how they look and share it amongst their friends. Vanity is not that much of a bad thing, and selfies should be encouraged, not sneered at!

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Pizza + Netflix = Winning at Life

If you’re aged 20 or over, are single and unemployed, it can feel like the world is out to get you and that your life totally sucks on some days. Especially when all your childhood friends are in relationships, are engaged, or even popping out kids, while you’re sat there debating on whether to start re-watching Heroes or How I Met Your Mother, whilst watching re-runs of Friends.

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I Blame My Lack of Y Chromosome.

Many of you will know about my love for music. I’ve posted about it before, and I think I mention it quite a bit, too! The reasons why are pretty simple: I love the way certain music makes me feel; I love dancing; I love singing; I like air-guitaring; I love gigs; I love how when I listen to certain songs, I feel like they were written just for me; and most importantly, I’m on that lifelong journey to compile the world’s most perfect playlist (which, by the way, I have almost completed! There’ll be a blog post to follow…)

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Victim Blaming Rape Culture – complete, pure, bullshit.

India’s Socialist Party’s Maharashtra (a state in western India) unit chief, Abu Azmi, said that women who have sex outside of marriage should be punished by death. This includes women who are victims of rape.

Mr Azmi told Mumbai-based news website, Mid-Day: “Any woman, whether married or unmarried, who goes along with a man, with or without her consent, should be hanged.” This basically suggests that rape is the victim’s fault.

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