Be Nice To Sales Assistants


Minimum wage workers get the most shit in their job. They work the longest hours, often really early in the morning or long into the late hours in the night. They have to work public holidays, like Boxing Day, Bank Holidays, and New Years Eve and Day. They also suffer the terrifyingly awful role of having to endure stupid customers regularly. Retail assistants especially, get so much crap thrown at them on a daily basis and no one seems to care. One of my friends has just started her first job, as a sales assistant in M&M World, and she’s getting increasingly stressed out. I worked as a retail assistant (in one of the worst department stores, on frigging Oxford Street) for two years, and let me tell you now, it sucked.

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Real Life Catfish. Kind of.


We’ve all seen the ridiculous show Catfish, and so many people watch it thinking, “how the hell can anyone get sucked into this?!”
I know I do.
I don’t completely understand how people can meet someone online and share so much of themselves. I also don’t understand how people can actually catfish other people, manipulating them and playing on their vulnerabilities. That’s as low as someone can get, in my opinion.

Watching the show, you can’t imagine something like that happening to one of your nearest and dearest’s.
Well, I’m here to quickly share a story with you, which includes three friends, a catfish, two bottles of wine, and a lot of drunken screaming.

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Fake Mental Health Bloggers

Social network sites are great for meeting new people and expressing who you are. You can find like-minded individuals, and in some cases can become internet best friends. The added anonymity means that those who are too shy/scared to be themselves in real life get an outlet, and a chance to really express themselves, which is especially popular on Tumblr.

Tumblr users are brilliant for capturing trends and turning them viral, but there can be a massive negative to this. Over the past year or so, the chosen “trend” has been focused on mental disorders. There have been many petitions to raise the awareness of mental and social disorders so help can be more easily given. There has also been a massive rise in people identifying as “socially awkward” because they think it’s a quirky trait to have, and reblogging images of melancholy quotes that they can sometimes relate to.

It’s not.

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