The Power Of Make-Up!


Monday had me celebrate my 21st birthday, and it was glorious. The weekend just before my birthday was spent in Brighton with three of my girls, who are frankly just like my sisters. It was amazing. We all got ready together in the hotel room, and then strutted out in our heels after having drunk a lot of Ciroc.

I think the reason I loved the whole night so much was because of the makeup I was wearing. I felt like a Queen, dressed all in black with my thick black eye makeup and bright red lips!

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For the better part of the week, Facebook and Twitter have exploded with the #nomakeupselfie tag to raise awareness for Cancer Research UK. It’s pretty simple, you take a selfie when you’re not wearing any make up, post it to a social networking site with the hashtag, and raise awareness/ask people to donate via text to Cancer Research.

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