“For Halloween this year, I am going to be drunk!”

That was the initial plan, anyway… I wanted to go out, get truly drunk and just forget about everything for my favourite holiday of the year. It worked pretty well last year.

Halloween is honestly my favourite holiday. Just the fact that you’re obligated to dress up (which is fabulous; fancy dress is great!) makes the whole thing the funnest holiday. I think I look forward to Halloween more than I do my birthday. This year, however, Halloween fell on a Thursday, which kind of threw a spanner in the works. I’m no longer at uni, so it’s not like I could’ve just gone out and missed a morning lecture (like I did last year), I had to be up and ready, and at work for 9am today! Instead, I did what anyone in my position would do: got a couple of my cousins together and made them take me out for drinks after we all finished work. FABULOUS PLAN, SEETAL!

And it was a fabulous plan! Through no fault of my own, I didn’t eat all day. This wasn’t a plan that I’d concocted to make myself get drunker, faster, I just genuinely forgot to eat! I woke up too late to have breakfast, and then met up with a friend for coffee at lunch, and then went to meet my cousins straight after work! I completely forgot about food for the whole day! In a way, it did make my plan work, I guess? I was drunk for Halloween. So, in a way, it was a complete success! I don’t condone it, however, kids. If you’re gonna go out drinking (and your lovely older cousins are paying and using the excuse “I’m your big brother, I’m not gonna let you pay!”) then make sure you actually eat something. Otherwise you’ll end up feeling like a complete mess when you wake up the next morning, with your breath smelling of tequila and blackcurrant jam…

(It could have been worse… I could’ve woken up like my friend Dan, feeling like a “derailed train wreck”, with a long and drunken whatsapp conversation complete with voice notes to greet him in the morning, almost as if to say “LOOK AT HOW WASTED YOU WERE LAST NIGHT, YOU WERE SPEAKING ALL THIS RANDOM SHIT ABOUT BOOBS!” True story! I was the poor recipient of that whatsapp conversation. And I will never, ever let him forget it…)