Panic Listening Before A Gig


There is less than a week before I see Noel Gallagher at the O2, and I’ve just realised that I’ve barely listened to his new album. By barely listened, I mean I’ve heard the two singles and not much else. It’s time to start panic listening.

Let me assure you – that is a real thing.

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The 1975 Goes Platinum

The 1975

Earlier this week the 1975’s debut album went platinum. If you haven’t heard of them by now, then there is something wrong with what you’re doing with your life.

They are amazing, and have worked their way through the charts over the past couple of years. They’re in the middle of a tour, and I’m going to their London gig at Ally Pally next week (yay!)

The news of the album going platinum went out via this tweet from singer Matt Healy:


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“We will bring the tidal wave!”

Pierce The Veil as a support for Bring Me The Horizon on The Crooked Young Tour were incredible! I’ve only recently really gotten into them, and for personal reasons, I’ve fallen in love with them.

I’d only really listened to Caraphernelia (from their 2010 album Selfish Machines) before, but then, on a whim, I decided to get their last album Collide With The Sky (2012). This album made them so much more popular, I feel, because after it came out and I listened to it, the band were suddenly everywhere. I didn’t go to any of their headline shows, but still wanted to see them live. I got my chance on Wednesday, as they were supporting Bring Me The Horizon, along with Sights & Sounds. I didn’t bother going to see Sights & Sounds (because I was working, and so were everyone I was going with, so we ended up missing them), but I got to the venue about 5 minutes before Pierce The Veil took to the stage.

They were incredible. They opened with Bulls In The Bronx, and straight away the energy in the venue rose completely. I’ve been to a fair share of gigs, and I can safely say that the energy for support acts is not always that high. You need to have an amazing support for the crowd to be as pumped as if they’re already seeing the headline band. I stayed at the back, by the bar, and so had a very decent view and room to breathe, drink, and dance (which I definitely did!).

The song I was most excited to hearing was Hell Above. I’d been listening to that on repeat for about a week before the gig, and was so excited to hear it, that as soon as they started playing May These Noises Startle You In Your Sleep Tonight (the minute-and-a-half long intro to Hell Above on the album) I could hardly control myself; I screamed along so hard to the line “THIS IS THE STREET YOUTH RISING UP!” I thought I’d already blown my throat out.

Caraphernelia was another highlight; obviously Jeremy McKinnon didn’t make an appearance (but my year would have made if he did…) but it was still incredible to just hear Vic’s voice singing the way through. They ended the set with King For A Day, which obviously led to a crowd sing-a-long for probably their most popular song. Or should that be a scream-a-long..? In my partial drunken state it seemed a good idea to attempt to sing Kellin Quinn’s parts as high as he does. Obviously that wasn’t such a fabulous idea. It hurt my throat. It was a lot of fun to sing to though, and Siobhan and I got waaaaay into it at one point… Harmonies were attempted. That’s all I’m gonna say.

If you’re a fan of Pierce The Veil then I won’t bother telling you that you need to go and see them. But if you’re not a fan, or haven’t heard their stuff, then I seriously recommend you check them out. It’s not for everyone (I once had a friend tell me that Vic’s high vocal range seriously puts him off listening to them, because it’s “too girly.” Each to their own, I guess…) But they’re still so good, incredibly talented, and amazing to see live. You can tell they love their fans, and know the issues that they go through, and appreciate them so very fucking much. They’re good role models to have, and they know it, which is evident in the way they speak to the crowd, and the lyrics they write. I wish I’d found them sooner than I did, but I’m so glad I have their music in my life now.


I like going to gigs. I don’t attend gigs as much as I’d like to, though – mainly because funds, other commitments, funds, my parents don’t like it, and FUNDS! But there’s something so amazingly special about going to a gig! I get asked by a lot of people why I spend such a ridiculous amount on gigs, and the most basic answer I can give is that I like it. The answer literally flows so much deeper than that, though.

Bring Me The Horizon

Tonight, I’m going to see Bring Me The Horizon (for the third time this year), and I’m so stoked! They’re so amazingly brilliant, sometimes I can’t believe it. I’ll listen to the songs and I’m sat there in awe at how beautiful the lyrics are. The energy they give off when performing is insane. The crowd quite literally screams the lyrics back to the band, and it’s great to be a part of that. The first time I saw them was in May, at Koko in Camden.

They opened with Shadow Moses, from the new album, which was phenomenal! Everyone had so much energy, and the standing area was basically one big mosh pit.

It was a struggle to breathe. But that’s all part of the fun, so I didn’t care too much!

A wall of death opened up at one point, and I thought I was going to pass out. An elbow to the face isn’t great, but when it happens to you at the same time you get a fist to the head, it gets a bit too painful. I literally dropped halfway to the floor, and crab-walked my way to safety – which just happened to be even closer to the front than I already was. I honestly was not complaining, at all.Bring Me The Horizon

Chelsea Smile was a highlight of the gig, purely because I love that song so much. Seriously. I think I blew my throat out screaming “I may look happy, but honestly dear the only way I’ll really smile is if you cut me ear to ear.” My favourite line of the song, however, is: “We all carry these things inside that no one else can see. They hold us down like anchors, they drown us out at sea.” Hearing that line, live, was such a beautiful moment in my life.

I love the lyrics in a lot of their songs. One of my favourite songs ever written is It Never Ends. That song means so much to me, it’s frigging ridiculous! I won’t even bother writing about it, cause I’ll end up as a ball of emotions, quivering on the floor because I’m far too excited for tonight, and I know they’ll play it!!

Another highlight was And The Snakes Start To Sing, purely because you couldn’t hear Oli Sykes singing the line “I’m just a would’ve been, could’ve been, should’ve been, never was, and never ever will be” because the crowd drowned him out. True story.

Bring Me The Horizon

They ended with Sleepwalking, which just adorable. Oli singing is surreal, because you’re always so used to him screaming. The lyrics and the music is just amazing, and that song very quickly turned into a favourite of mine when it came out.

The second time I saw the band was at Reading Festival this year. The setlist was slightly shorter (I think… it felt shorter, anyway) but still incredible! After seeing the band at both a small venue and at a festival, I can honestly say that they’re better in a small venue. It’s so much more intimate, which fits in completely with the crowd energy.

I’m so stoked for tonight, it’s unreal! Work cannot finish soon enough, I just want to go and meet my friends, catch a bev, then turn up in time for Pierce The Veil (the second support, who are also freaking incredible!) I’m not too bothered about getting to the front, purely because I’ve seen them twice now already!

Last time I hung around outside the gig and met the band (for the second time… the first time I met them was at the Sempiternal album signing, which was pretty cool) and I got a picture with Oli! Happy daaaaaays!! Oli Sykes

I don’t have to explain my gig-going to anyone!

I like going to gigs. I don’t attend gigs as much as I’d like to, though – mainly because funds, other commitments, funds, my parents don’t like it, and FUNDS! But there’s something so amazingly special about going to a gig! I get asked by a lot of people why I spend such a ridiculous amount on gigs, and the most basic answer I can give is that I like it. The answer literally flows so much deeper than that, though.

The excitement of a gig will literally start as soon as a tour is announced. You plan your time and start budgeting from that moment, so you know you’ll have enough in your bank account when the tickets are released. For me, I start looking around and researching on how I can access priority release, and get my tickets a day or two earlier; O2 & LiveNation pre-sale have made many a day of mine! Then, a couple of days after you’ve booked the tickets, the excitement dies down a bit… Till your tickets arrive!

The gig day is always a fabulous day! Even if the day itself is like living through hell, there’ll be a voice in the back of your head screaming out “TODAY IS THE DAY! MEMORIES WILL BE MADE! YOU WILL HAVE A FABULOUS TIME!” The time you leave for a gig depends on how hardcore you are. In the past, I’ve queued all day for a gig. The longest I ever queued was nine hours. Nine hours of my day was spent queueing for Avenged Sevenfold, and then another nine hours was spent queueing for Slash. I’ve literally spent 18 hours of my life, sitting in the cold rain, outside Hammersmith Apollo. And that’s just the longest queue times… I don’t even want to calculate how long I’ve actually spent in a gig queue!

For me, going to a gig is a personal thing. Almost every gig I go to, I’ll go because the headline act has changed me in some way. Avenged Sevenfold are just one of my favourite bands, Slash is a hero of mine, Bring Me The Horizon almost saved my life on more than one occasion, Guns N’ Roses are my all time favourite band, Halestorm have given me fond memories, Steel Panther cheer me up when I’m feeling a bit crap, A Day To Remember helped me through a couple of tough times… It’s all personal!

For a lot of people, I think that bands define who they are. The music and the lyrics allow people to have the words they couldn’t find to explain how they’re feeling. It also proves that they’re not the only person feeling the way they feel, and almost offers a support network for them. I know it’s the way I feel. There’s something so amazing in screaming your favourite lyrics back at the band that wrote them, with thousands of other people that feel the way you do. When that happens to you, you know you’re part of something so much more than just music. It’s fuckin’ awesome!!

I’m so stoked for tomorrow. I’ll be going to see Bring Me The Horizon at Brixton Academy, which will be AMAZING! Like I mentioned before, the band have almost saved my life on many occasions, and their last album gave me so many FEEEEEELLSSS!!! Tomorrow will be the third time seeing them, this year, and I’m still as excited as the first time!! Pierce the Veil are one of the support acts. I’ve only recently really gotten into them, but OH MY GOD how do they write those lyrics so perfectly?! I just- I can’t- I mean I’m just so done.
I doubt I’ll be able to sleep much tonight, or get much work done tomorrow, because the excitement is almost killing me.

(sidenote – as much as I want to, I can’t queue hours for this gig… I have to work.)

With friends like these…

The Promised Post

It’s quite easy to make friends. Apparently. Of course, this pretty much applies to you when you’re in school/university/work, and that’s only because you’re forced to be around those people for prolonged periods of time. Generally, you don’t go walking up to strangers in the street, people sitting next to you on the train, or the group of friends sitting at the table next to you in a restaurant and suddenly become best friends. Generally.

I met my best friend, a year ago, in a very unlikely place – sitting on a street in Brixton.

Okay it sounds way weirder like that. Let me rephrase: I met my best friend Rebekah while we were both sitting on a shitty little street, in Brixton, in the cold, and shared wine and Jack Daniels. We were queuing outside O2 Academy because Slash was playing there that night (all hail Slash, for being bad ass, and for bringing the two of us together) and just suddenly decided to strike up conversation. Normally, that’s what I do at gigs anyway, just become 5-minute best friends with whoever I’m queuing around, and then go our separate ways once we’re inside the venue (& I won’t lie, that was what I thought was going to happen) but this time was totally different. We ended up telling each other about our whole lives, she expressed her shock at finding out the boy I was sitting with was actually my younger brother, and I even shared my alcohol. That hardly ever happens. Seriously.

The gig itself was fucking brilliant! Slash, in all his glory, proved to me again how he is one of the best performers around. He doesn’t even need to say a thing, his presence alone is enough to make the entire crowd his. He knows people go there for classic rock n’ roll, so he delivers it. The guitar solo’s are different, and longer than studio versions (in some cases way waaaaaaay longer…) and that’s incredibly refreshing! It’s nice to know he can just go on stage and bash out something different each time, and it’s good to know he cares about the show enough to change songs around for the fans. Myles Kennedy is beastly on vocals, as ever. Some fans won’t agree with him being a vocalist, and I’ve read numerous times how he should “not be allowed to sing Guns N’ Roses songs because he’s not Axl” which is total bullshit. I know it’s not the same, but that doesn’t mean it’s not good! The Conspirator’s were amazing, as ever, with Todd Kerns running around the stage, flicking his long, luscious locks… I even managed to get a pick from him!! Which, by pure Fangirl logic, means I got a pick from Slash (Todd tours with Slash, Slash needs picks, they may occasionally borrow/share picks, therefore, I have a pick Slash probably played with… It’s not the most perfect of theories but screw you, it’s Fangirl logic OKAY!?)

After the gig, the three of us (I was with my brother, remember?) crawled out of the venue in one sobbing, sweaty heap, and went looking for food. Naturally. I was slightly surprised Rebekah agreed to find food with us, I assumed she’d run screaming after seeing me at a gig. Anyway, we bonded further over KFC, and continued messaging each other over the next week, before deciding to meet up again. It’s never been awkward talking to her, and she genuinely knows more about me then people I’ve known for most of my life.

It just goes to show friends can come to you in the most unlikely situations. This whole post is for her, because she wanted some acknowledgments as being a fabulous friend (and for agreeing to proof read my future posts) to an aspiring journalist, just because – in her own words – “I’m gonna need credit in your life when you get all famous!”

Ha. Haha. You’ll be there all famous with me, babes!!

A couple hours after we met… n’AW AIN’T WE CUTIES!?