A London Undergound Commute

Trains are a strange place to be. There are always a strange breed of human mixed in with the regular commuters, just trying to get to work in one piece without having to face the ultimate weirdo. Sometimes these people are almost normal, and are just trying to get the most done on their commute, however this can ultimately make them center of attention on a packed out carriage in the early hours of the morning.

Other times, people are just downright weird.

Many people seem intent on ignoring the strange behaviour, and it’s become a thing that Londoner’s do now – we’re so used to the strange train activities that we just fade into the background and become part of the train till it’s time to jump onto the platform, and run towards the light at the top of the escalators. Or catch the next train, depending on how unlucky you are.

There’s been some hilariously outrageous train journeys had by many, including pervy men, people losing their balance, free lap-dancers, overly friendly fellow passengers and, of course, a travelling band.

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Real Life Catfish. Kind of.


We’ve all seen the ridiculous show Catfish, and so many people watch it thinking, “how the hell can anyone get sucked into this?!”
I know I do.
I don’t completely understand how people can meet someone online and share so much of themselves. I also don’t understand how people can actually catfish other people, manipulating them and playing on their vulnerabilities. That’s as low as someone can get, in my opinion.

Watching the show, you can’t imagine something like that happening to one of your nearest and dearest’s.
Well, I’m here to quickly share a story with you, which includes three friends, a catfish, two bottles of wine, and a lot of drunken screaming.

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I Am Chanandler Bong.

Actually Me
Actually Me

Everyone loves Friends. Everyone. If you don’t then you’re wrong, you’re completely wrong, or something is horrendously wrong with you.
What makes it so amazing, and the secret to any good TV show, is that the characters and the chemistry between them is so real. I can see a little bit of myself in every character. I’m kind of like a mother figure to some of my friends (Harry, for example. If I hadn’t looked after him when he drank too much at Reading, no one would have), much like Monica. A lot of the time my friends don’t fully understand what I’m trying to say, a bit like Phoebe. I find mundane scientific facts fascinating where everyone else finds them boring, which is the Ross side of me at an all time high. I know exactly what I want to do with my life and I’m trying my absolute hardest to get it, just like Rachel. Sometimes I need a bit of looking after because I can be a bit childish and lost – Joey.

But the character I relate to the absolute most is Chandler. Straight up.

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I Blame My Lack of Y Chromosome.

Many of you will know about my love for music. I’ve posted about it before, and I think I mention it quite a bit, too! The reasons why are pretty simple: I love the way certain music makes me feel; I love dancing; I love singing; I like air-guitaring; I love gigs; I love how when I listen to certain songs, I feel like they were written just for me; and most importantly, I’m on that lifelong journey to compile the world’s most perfect playlist (which, by the way, I have almost completed! There’ll be a blog post to follow…)

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Fundraising for GOSHCC!

Now, as you may know, I don’t have that much faith in humanity! It’s just a bit terrible that a lot of the people I meet are self centred and egotistical, however once in a while I’ll hear about something that just restores all my faith in humankind!

One of my old school-friends, Henry Case, is looking to raise £2,500 to donate to Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity. He’ll be completing a Fire and Ice Trek in Iceland, from the 9th – 13th July, which basically means he’s gonna get a front row view to the natural beauty of Iceland!

“I’ll be doing this amazing five-day trek in Iceland, and will be going from Reykjavik, the capital, to the hot pools of Landmannalaugar; then across the lava and snow fields of Storihver; through glacial streams in Blafjallakvisl, and then ending in the valley of Thörsmork, where I’ll be surrounded by stunning mountains and waterfalls.”

Jealous yet? I am!

It actually sounds amazing, and all the money is going to a brilliant cause! Henry’s already raised 55% of his target, but still needs as many donations, big or small! If you want to help Henry raise the money for one of the best charities (and also help him restore my faith in humanity) then please donate here!

It really is for an amazing cause, and you can tell he’s excited for the trek! Please, be a good person, and donate! And tell your friends, too!

How About No.

Last night, I read something ridiculously honest and inspirational. It was one of those Buzzfeed articles, explaining how everyone should lead their lives. Basically.  It’s a list of 30 Things To Stop Doing To Yourself, and it was one of those articles that I had to just sit there and stare into space for about 5 minutes after, because it made me want to re-evaluate my life. I needed to seriously think about some stuff…

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