A rant on Social Justice Warriors.

Remember the irritating days when it was “a done thing” to put your sexuality in your social network profile? No one really knew the reason why, but after a couple of months, it was questioned a ridiculous amount.

General “nobody cares what your sexuality is, why are you shoving it everyone’s face?” posts began taking over the internet and soon enough it was no longer popular. People had finally learnt their lesson.

But now that ridiculous trend is back, and with a vengeance.

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For the better part of the week, Facebook and Twitter have exploded with the #nomakeupselfie tag to raise awareness for Cancer Research UK. It’s pretty simple, you take a selfie when you’re not wearing any make up, post it to a social networking site with the hashtag, and raise awareness/ask people to donate via text to Cancer Research.

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How strong is your Tinder game?

So a few weeks ago, my friend Siobhan tried convincing me that it’ll be a fabulous idea to spend my last £10 on going to the pub with everyone. Because I’m a complete prat, I was very easily convinced.

I obviously bought my standard bottle of wine, and after placing (and barely winning) a bet against Beckie (she bet that the bottle would be finished within the hour. It was finished after an hour and 10 mins) I was pretty merry. It was at this point, when everyone else had arrived, I’d been talking to some of the greatest people you will ever meet, and so was just ridiculously happy and cheery, and a little bit drunk, that Siobhan and Claire started talking about the weird guys they’d been talking to on Tinder. I’d only heard a few things about this app – I just thought it was a dating app for the teenagers of today.

I was very much mistaken.

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