Happy International Women’s Day!

makeithappenIt’s International Women’s Day, so it’s your chance to celebrate women everywhere, throughout history!

The theme this year is #MakeItHappen, and they’re also doing #PaintItPurple to show support, which is why I’ve painted my blog purple for today.

While women have come a long way in history (we can now vote and have basic human rights) there’s still a lot that needs to be done, and it’s nice to have a day to celebrate women, although there’s some “meninists” out there to make it all about them…

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Great British Scandal

Last night’s Great British Bake Off now has the entire country steaming with rage. After Iain’s baked Alaska was seemingly sabotaged and he became the latest contestant to leave the baking tent, Twitter exploded with pure rage that only the British can muster up.

As it went on TV, it was an extremely hot day and the contestants were asked to make a baked Alaska from scratch. Everyone was running between counter and freezer, desperate to have their ice creams kept frozen. Iain put his already melting ice cream & cake in a freezer to prep his meringue, and then found out someone had taken it out. The pain on his face, and in the hearts of the millions of viewers was real. Very real. My jaw dropped open, and Mama Rihal was in disbelief. Why would you remove a baked Alaska from the freezer in a competition?!




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#AskThicke – Not The Brightest Idea


Twitter Q+A’s are pretty popular now, with many big companies bringing in a specialist in whatever field to take over the company Twitter account to answer questions from fans. Reading & Leeds Festival do it every year, featuring a different band every week in the months running up to the weekend.

VH1 are also into it, and they brought in Robin Thicke today.

I have no idea what possessed them to choose him (actually I do: marketing – it gets people talking about them because who the fuck cares about VH1 anymore?) but it honestly could not have been a worse choice. No, wait, it was a great choice because everyone was tweeting them?
Business-wise it was the best choice they could have possibly made. Morality-wise, it was god-awful. There’s a long list of tweets full of hatred, anger, and full on sarcasm, all proudly containing the #AskThicke tag.

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Sloth Week is Here!


Now till Wednesday is known as Sloth Week, which basically means that if you have regular internet access and you love sloths, you should head over to SlothWeek.Com to read daily updates and facts, AND watch videos of these adorable animals!

Everyone loves sloths! I’m not sure how or why but suddenly the sloth-obsessed corner of the internet has reached fame over the past year or so. People either want to be a sloth or they want to have a pet sloth. I’ll hold my hands up and admit to the latter (and a little bit of the former) – sloths are freaking adorable! How amazing would it be to have like a giant fuzzy pet monkey who smiles 24/7 and sleeps all day!? SO AMAZING, THAT’S HOW AMAZING! And the reason why is so incredibly simple: Sloths are awesome!

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Embrace The Selfie

Dog Selfie

The selfie has taken the world by storm. Through the amazing invention of a front facing camera on all phones, it’s become so much easier than having to do that weird reach around, bent-wrist, guess, aim, capture thing. Instagram is overflowing with ECU’s of peoples faces, and Snapchat has given rise to embracing the “ugly selfie” – it is now so much easier to send your derpy face to your best friend. Some people argue that it’s all allowing for a rise in narcissism, and that it’s a bad thing for people to want to capture how they look and share it amongst their friends. Vanity is not that much of a bad thing, and selfies should be encouraged, not sneered at!

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Victim Blaming Rape Culture – complete, pure, bullshit.

India’s Socialist Party’s Maharashtra (a state in western India) unit chief, Abu Azmi, said that women who have sex outside of marriage should be punished by death. This includes women who are victims of rape.

Mr Azmi told Mumbai-based news website, Mid-Day: “Any woman, whether married or unmarried, who goes along with a man, with or without her consent, should be hanged.” This basically suggests that rape is the victim’s fault.

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Fake Mental Health Bloggers

Social network sites are great for meeting new people and expressing who you are. You can find like-minded individuals, and in some cases can become internet best friends. The added anonymity means that those who are too shy/scared to be themselves in real life get an outlet, and a chance to really express themselves, which is especially popular on Tumblr.

Tumblr users are brilliant for capturing trends and turning them viral, but there can be a massive negative to this. Over the past year or so, the chosen “trend” has been focused on mental disorders. There have been many petitions to raise the awareness of mental and social disorders so help can be more easily given. There has also been a massive rise in people identifying as “socially awkward” because they think it’s a quirky trait to have, and reblogging images of melancholy quotes that they can sometimes relate to.

It’s not.

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