The 1975 Goes Platinum

The 1975

Earlier this week the 1975’s debut album went platinum. If you haven’t heard of them by now, then there is something wrong with what you’re doing with your life.

They are amazing, and have worked their way through the charts over the past couple of years. They’re in the middle of a tour, and I’m going to their London gig at Ally Pally next week (yay!)

The news of the album going platinum went out via this tweet from singer Matt Healy:


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My First Piercing

Getting your ears pierced is seen, for some, as a ‘must-do’ thing. All of my female cousins have their ears pierced, and even some of the guys (because they think they’re princesses). One of my cousins recently described a girl getting her ears pierced as a rite of passage; something all girls must go through to prove their girly-ness.

Kind of.

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The Power Of Make-Up!


Monday had me celebrate my 21st birthday, and it was glorious. The weekend just before my birthday was spent in Brighton with three of my girls, who are frankly just like my sisters. It was amazing. We all got ready together in the hotel room, and then strutted out in our heels after having drunk a lot of Ciroc.

I think the reason I loved the whole night so much was because of the makeup I was wearing. I felt like a Queen, dressed all in black with my thick black eye makeup and bright red lips!

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Top 10 Getting Ready To Go Out Songs

Going out is fun but seriously speaking, getting ready to go is half the fun*.

If I know I’m going OUT out I start getting all excited at the prospect of getting all dressed up. That may actually be the most stereotypical girly thing about me.
Mama Rihal would be pleased.
I think..

Whatever, just listen to these songs when you’re getting ready to go out, ladies!

And you, men. There’s some bangers on this eclectic mix for you too…

*(A bottle of wine and someone to get ready with also helps)

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Indian Wedding Handbag Essentials

Indian weddings are no small affair. They all follow the same pattern, and a lot of the time they’re pretty damn similar. The reception is where the party is at (literally) and everyone looks forward to it, mainly due to the open bar. Everyone gets all dolled up to celebrate the wedding, spend some time catching up with extended family, eat a lot of food, and either reminisce or plan their own wedding.
Once you’ve been to a couple, you start to anticipate the things that can go wrong, and the things that you definitely need to have with you to prevent minor disasters. Here’s my checklist for things that you absolutely must have with you when attending an Indian wedding, along with your standard bag essentials (ladies, mainly for you. Guys, just make sure you spray yourself down with antiperspirant – no one likes getting bear hugged by their sweaty relative at the end of the night!)

This list was compiled by myself, and the upcoming makeup artist Sonia Nikki. Check her out on Instagram – she’s kind of awesome.

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Reading Headline Highlights

Reading AM Crowd

So it’s been a week since Reading Festival. A week ago right now I was at Reading, gearing myself up for what was in my opinion the best day of the festival. It was the day to see A Day To Remember, The 1975, You Me At Six, Papa Roach and Blink-182 (those were the bands I was not going to miss for anything!)
As much as I complained about Reading this year, I really do miss it. I would give anything to be back there with my friends, in the arena, screaming along to some of the best songs ever written.
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Great British Scandal

Last night’s Great British Bake Off now has the entire country steaming with rage. After Iain’s baked Alaska was seemingly sabotaged and he became the latest contestant to leave the baking tent, Twitter exploded with pure rage that only the British can muster up.

As it went on TV, it was an extremely hot day and the contestants were asked to make a baked Alaska from scratch. Everyone was running between counter and freezer, desperate to have their ice creams kept frozen. Iain put his already melting ice cream & cake in a freezer to prep his meringue, and then found out someone had taken it out. The pain on his face, and in the hearts of the millions of viewers was real. Very real. My jaw dropped open, and Mama Rihal was in disbelief. Why would you remove a baked Alaska from the freezer in a competition?!




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The Festival That Broke My Spirit

Reading festival is my festival. It was the first festival I attended, for the day, in 2010. It was the first festival I camped at for the weekend in 2012. And since then, I’ve gone every year. I’ve done the camping thing, I’ve done the day thing, I’ve done the toilets, the food and the “where the ever loving HELL is my tent?!”

I love Reading. The acts are always incredible, I’ve made so many memories there, and the happiest moments of my entire life have been spent there. But I will not go back next year.

Reading, your campers have broken my spirit.

Tony & I don’t like this anymore.

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Be Cool! Pulp Fiction Urban Decay is ALMOST Here!

One of the greatest make up lines, Urban Decay, has collaborated with one of the greatest movies ever made, Pulp Fiction.

For fans of make up and Tarantino, i.e me,  this literally will be the greatest birthday/Christmas present ever!
(For the love of god someone take that hint!)

It’s only available in the US at the moment, but I’ve heard that the UK release date is set to be at the start of September. Meaning, I have less than a month till it’s possible for me to get hold of the bad-ass make up collection. Just in time for my birthday!!

The line is, of course, based on Uma Thurman’s character Mrs Mia Wallace and includes that red lipstick, a matching lip liner and nail polish, and an eyeshadow palette.

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Rakhi – Such Sibling Love!


Raksha Bandhan is an Indian holiday celebrated by Hindus, Sikhs and Jains to show the love between brothers and sisters. This generally also extends to cousins and friends too, depending on a girls relationship with the boys/men in her life.

A string bracelet, or ‘rakhi’ is tied onto a brother’s wrist and they’re given sweets, by the sister to symbolise their love and peacefulness. In return for this, the brother will promise to protect their sister, and give them a gift of some sort, usually money.

But, as my LOVELY brothers (I count all my cousins as my brothers too) would say: “Why would I give you money for tying a bit of string on my wrist, that I can probably find at home for nothing?!”

Can you feel the love yet?

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