Five Books To Start Reading on World Book Day


It’s World Book Day, which can only mean that a bunch of kids have dressed up like their favourite literary characters for non-uniform day at school.

It’s also a good day to kick back and relax with your favourite book or two. Or three or four. Especially when you’re single and unemployed with no social life, and no friends. Which is SO not me…

If you’re stuck on what to read, then I have some book ideas for you. They’re pretty damn awesome books, and my personal favourites. There’s YA, classics, and thrillers all included so I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to find something you’d enjoy. Unless you’re just ridiculously weird. Or one of those “I don’t read” people, in which case, what the hell are you doing here?! Get out.

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Panic Listening Before A Gig


There is less than a week before I see Noel Gallagher at the O2, and I’ve just realised that I’ve barely listened to his new album. By barely listened, I mean I’ve heard the two singles and not much else. It’s time to start panic listening.

Let me assure you – that is a real thing.

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Reading and Leeds 2015

Last night, while I was at the Queen concert, the final headliner for this year’s Reading and Leeds festivals was announced, along with some other acts. I swore that I wouldn’t go back this year, but I might actually have to go, because the line up looks banging!

Headlining this year’s festival are Mumford and Sons, Metallica, and The Libertines, and the confirmed support acts are pretty damn sick!

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What You Can Binge Watch Now That You’ve Been Fired!

So I realise I haven’t blogged in a while and there is a reason for that! I had a job – a job writing news pieces for a news website in London, and I’ve just found out that the entire team of writers has been fired because the company went bust and wasn’t making money.

If I’m being totally honest, I’m not that shocked; I knew it was risky going into a start up company with absolutely no fall back option, but at the time I didn’t think of that – I had a job! The pay was awful but the experience was all that mattered, and I have nothing.

Except for Netflix.

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I’m in Goa!

It is day five of my lovely week away in sunny Goa – and it has been sweltering hot and I have melted and burnt. At one point I was so hot, I was actually singing the Frozen soundtrack in a wild attempt to cool down! (That’s not even a lie, I spent an entire day singing Let It Go to myself…)


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Noel Gallagher – pls why

It was recently announced that Noel Gallagher will be touring next year, in support of his upcoming High Flying Birds album, titled Chasing Yesterday.

Tcikets for his London O2 gig start at £40 (if you want to sit next to Jesus while you watch Noel perform), are about £55 for standing tickets (that’s minus a booking fee) with a massive £70+ for a decent seat in the arena.

Noel – r u 4 real?

Noel Gallagher

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Glastonbury 2015

Glastonbury tickets sold out within half an hour of them going on sale. I spent my morning battling with SeeTickets to try and secure a pair of tickets (one for my cousin) and now I want to burst into tears.

I spent 25 minutes shaking, refreshing two laptops and a phone, while memorising card numbers and registration details. I entered my card details (while shaking) only for the website to then crash, reload, and tell me the tickets were sold out.

I could cry. Someone tell my cousin for me!

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National Poetry Day 2014

It is National Poetry Day! YAY! All literature nerds out there are sobbing uncontrollably while holding their favourite book of poems… just me?

Poetry is amazing and fabulous, raw and emotional, funny and depressing, and a combination of every single emotion in the world. There is no doubt about it. So I’m going to share with you some of my favourite poets & poems to honour this beautifully glorious day.

Rita Dove

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