Five Books To Start Reading on World Book Day


It’s World Book Day, which can only mean that a bunch of kids have dressed up like their favourite literary characters for non-uniform day at school.

It’s also a good day to kick back and relax with your favourite book or two. Or three or four. Especially when you’re single and unemployed with no social life, and no friends. Which is SO not me…

If you’re stuck on what to read, then I have some book ideas for you. They’re pretty damn awesome books, and my personal favourites. There’s YA, classics, and thrillers all included so I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to find something you’d enjoy. Unless you’re just ridiculously weird. Or one of those “I don’t read” people, in which case, what the hell are you doing here?! Get out.

  1. Thirteen Reasons Why – Jay Asher
    If you want to cry your way through a book, then you should definitely read this. It’s about a girl who commits suicide and leaves cassette tapes to the people who made a massive impact on her life, and the entire story follows one boy as he listens to her story. It’s really cute, really sad, and really easy to read. It also makes you think about life in general, and your effect on people, and will probably make you want to leave your bedroom more.
  2. Misery – Stephen King
    If you’ve seen the film and enjoyed it, then I really recommend the book! It’s so much darker and more twisted, and there’s a lot that wasn’t included in the film, and I really wish it was. Stephen King is an acclaimed writer anyway, but for some reason I don’t meet a lot of people that have read his novels. You don’t know what you’re missing out on, honestly. It will also make you realise that people are out to get you, and that everyone is poop.
  3. The Heroin Diaries – Nikki Sixx
    Nikki Sixx is the bassist for the band Mötley Crüe, and he’s one of my heroes. During the recording sessions for the album Girls, Girls Girls, and then the subsequent tour, Nikki was hooked on heroin and religiously kept journals. After getting clean, years later, he published these journals into this really weird autobiography. Between chapters, Nikki adds his commentary, along with other guest stars who shared his experiences, like the rest of Crüe, Slash, Alice Cooper, and Ozzy Osbourne. It may well be the most in-depth autobiography I’ve ever read, and highlights the fact that drugs are worse than people.
    Uncle Fester Reading
  4. Bridget Jones’s Diary – Helen Fielding
    Seriously speaking, the novel is funnier than the film. I nearly cried laughing while reading this (but I was drunk and on holiday, so that may have had an effect…) and I think the government should make this compulsory reading in schools. Read this, because the extra characters have more of a role in the novel, which just adds to the hilarity. Reading this will somehow make you want to take a shower, and take control of your life, but will also make you realise that life is just an uphill battle.
  5. Edgar Allan Poe
    When it comes to short stories, you don’t get much better than Poe, which are incredibly captivating! If you fancy a break from the chilling Gothic tales Poe is famous for, you can always peruse through his poetry, which is FABULOUS. Poe has penned long epic poems like The Raven, as well as short and adorable poems like Romance. He’s one of my favourite authors, and I hope he becomes one of yours, too. He also makes you realise that no matter how bad your life is, at least your roommate is not trying to kill you.
    Bert and Ernie

Happy World Book Day!

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