The Dress Is Blue and Black, Damn It!

The internet has collectively lost its shit over the picture of that dress – some people think it’s black and blue, while others are convinced it’s white and gold.

I’m here to tell you that the dress is BLUE, DAMN IT, IT’S BLACK AND IT’S BLUE!

that dress

The WhatsApp group between me and my cousins is currently dividing, and I’m not allowed to talk to one of my friends about it because she sees white and gold and she’s convinced she’s losing her mind.

2015-02-27 12.37.27


2015-02-27 12.35.45


2015-02-27 12.33.29


SO some people genuinely do see the dress as being white and gold, which is actually not the craziest thing I’ve heard today (I’m not getting paid from work, but that’s a whole rant for another time)…

There are some people that think the lighting is to blame, that the dress is reflecting a blueish light that makes it look blue. Which is totally wrong, because the dress is actually blue.

Science says that the colour we see is dependant on the rods and cones in our eyes (the cells in our eyes). Rods are more sensitive to light and are used to seeing shapes, while cones are less sensitive to light and used to seeing colour, and having more rods than cones is what leads to colour blindness. So, apparently, the colour you see the dress is due to what cells are working more in your eye…

Except that the dress is actually blue, and you’re all lying.

It’s not just me that thinks this, I have the backup of some of my cousins, my brother, and even Mark Hoppus!

And some other celebrities…


The dress is black and blue, OKAY?!


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