The Most Annoying Apprentice Candidate

The new series of The Apprentice aired last night, with an extra load of candidates. Lord Sugar is now searching for his new business within a large group of 10 boys and 10 girls. And they are all annoying as hell.

However, one special candidate stood out straight away like a sore thumb – Sarah Dales.

Sarah put herself forward as project manager, after bragging about the fact that she can “sell ice to eskimos.” Okay then, she’s good at sales. I thought she’d be a brilliant team member with that statement. However, her entire character took a giant nosedive after that.

She began the task by telling the girls in her car to dress up, wear short skirts, apply their makeup heavily, and then told Bianca to “hike it up” because she didn’t bring a short skirt. She is literally asking her team to almost dismiss their skills, and focus more on their image. “Most people will buy from females, because females are more attractive to look at.”
She then went on to explain that her strategy is to get people to like her. Sarah, after just ten minutes of episode one, I severely dislike you, because of that one statement.

You cannot tell people in your team how to dress. They are there for a job interview, and are all professional women – they are more than aware of how to dress themselves. They do not need you to tell them to hitch up their skirts.

Lauren tried to kindly put her in her place by telling her that they’re “serious business women” but no, Sarah doesn’t care about that. As long as her heels are high enough, her skirt is short enough, and her lips are smothered in lipstick, then Sarah is happy. I guess.

She is not helping women at all by suggesting that the best way to move up the business ladder is to dress more provocatively. She is instead enforcing this idea that a woman is to be seen more than heard. If she was so confident about her skill set, then hiking up her skirt and slapping on her makeup shouldn’t matter that much. Clearly she just wants to visually impress her way to the top. Which is straight up disgusting, and she shouldn’t even be on the show. Sarah also described that the other women were going to look “semi average” because they didn’t hear about her plan to ‘dress up’ (even though Sarah’s make up looked hideous on that day anyway, so…)

She allowed her team to be called Decadence, because it sounds “elegant and feminine.”
To be honest, judging by the way she expects the girls to dress up, it’s really no wonder that that’s how she feels about the word.

She told the girls to “bring some nice makeup” as a response to Pamela telling her that strategy is more important than dressing up.

Her obsession with cut up lemons after being told ‘no’ on several occasions was more than enough to prove that she is just an awful team leader. Sarah, just shut up and put the damn lemon down. You’re not going to sell cut up lemons. Stop pitching the idea.

She split her team literally in half. As in, sitting at a table, she split the table and that’s how she decided on her team. She didn’t bother trying to find out strengths and weaknesses of the other girls, and was probably trying to think of how she would re-dress them instead.

She refused to make the coffee because she was the project manager. I was completely unaware that preparing coffee would take up so much time and mental effort. I mean, if that’s the case then I must be a super genius for being able to prepare coffee using a coffee machine on a major hangover, and still half asleep. But never mind…
On a few occasions the other girls did try and get her to swap roles but she wasn’t having it, instead bleating out that she’s the project manager. Apparently that’s the only thing she can say.

She sent off half her team to go and buy stuff and gave them no money whatsoever.

Her pitch at the zoo was like a train wreck. As Dara O’Briain mentioned on The Apprentice: You’re Fired, she almost told the zoo keepers what not to do with the cleaning supplies, and that she “wouldn’t want to see them near the penguins.” Like the zoo keepers have no idea how to look after their animals. She also tried selling them a bucket, sponge, bog brush, and marigolds for, like, £250.

That was one episodes worth of annoying behaviour. I can wait for more Sarah, to be honest. I want her to be fired as soon as possible, because she sounds like an awful human being. My first impression of her is such a bad one, I’m not sure how she can turn this around to make me like her.

Even her profile is annoying, wow.
Even her profile is annoying, wow.

One thought on “The Most Annoying Apprentice Candidate

  1. It never fails to surprise me that no candidate can understand that all they have to do is do what their project manager asks and beat the other team! Instead it’s all me, me, me.


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