Glastonbury 2015

Glastonbury tickets sold out within half an hour of them going on sale. I spent my morning battling with SeeTickets to try and secure a pair of tickets (one for my cousin) and now I want to burst into tears.

I spent 25 minutes shaking, refreshing two laptops and a phone, while memorising card numbers and registration details. I entered my card details (while shaking) only for the website to then crash, reload, and tell me the tickets were sold out.

I could cry. Someone tell my cousin for me!

Now, those that know me are aware that back when I was in year 9 I wanted to go to Glastonbury more than anything. I would have given ANYTHING to go to that festival! Then I grew up a bit, Oasis split up, and I realised that maybe Glastonbury wasn’t the best of festivals.

  1. It always rains
  2. They release the tickets before they release the line up
  3. More people care about bumping into celebrities
  4. It is the UK equivalent to Coachella – people go just to say they’ve been

Number 4 ties up with number 2. The festival itself is so pretentious that the organisers know it’s going to sell out, and therefore release the tickets before announcing the line up. People that buy the tickets are more likely to get tickets just to say that they have been to Glastonbury. The fact that tickets get sold out without even knowing about the line up just screams that it’s not about the music at all. And that’s what I don’t like.

This year was the only year that I’ve attempted to get tickets, because I wanted to go with my cousin (she’s been before and said it was amazing) but usually it’s just a big fat no. No I don’t want to gamble my money to buy tickets for a festival where I don’t know about the line up.

I think I’ll just wait for Download festival. Or save my money for the heavily hinted Foo Fighters tour next year… And I WILL camp outside the venue for two days just to get to the front. I WILL do that!

If Foo Fighters are announced as a Glastonbury Headliner you can be damn sure that SeeTickets will be getting a very angry letter from me and a flaming bag of poop!*

*Not really the poop.

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