The 1975 Goes Platinum

The 1975

Earlier this week the 1975’s debut album went platinum. If you haven’t heard of them by now, then there is something wrong with what you’re doing with your life.

They are amazing, and have worked their way through the charts over the past couple of years. They’re in the middle of a tour, and I’m going to their London gig at Ally Pally next week (yay!)

The news of the album going platinum went out via this tweet from singer Matt Healy:


To celebrate this milestone for one of the best albums to be released in the last five years (you can quote me on that) here’s a list of the absolute MUST LISTEN to songs from the band.

This list is also me just being overly excited for the gig next week!!

This is what they opened with at Reading festival earlier this year. It was so glorious and I got so happy that I thought my head was going to burst.
I prefer this version to the album version – once you compare the two you can notice how much cleaner the album version sounds. This version, off the Facedown EP is a bit rougher, with vocals that are almost dirty for an indie song. It’s such a catchy song and so easy to imagine it being played loud and live. It’s everything you need in a banging tune.

Another song off an EP – this wasn’t re-released on the album, so if you want it then you need to get the IV EP. It is a brilliant EP, and the last one released before the album. Many more hidden tunes are on it, so definitely get hold of it if you want to fall in love with the band again.

Such a fun song, with a fun video. This is just standard The 1975; basically if anyone needs to know about the music style of the band, just play them this song.

Chocolate is probably the band’s most played song, and a lot of people I know were sick of The 1975 because of the ridiculous amount of radio time this song got. BUT this version is so amazingly sweet, it’s almost sickly. The whole song is stripped right back to just vocals and guitar with just a small effect to give that indie vibe. It’s amazing, adorable, and everything that is good in the world of music right now. I could listen to this version forever, it’s one of those brilliant ‘zone out of life before I go bed’ songs.

With an effect that has (for me) become totally synonymous with the band, Pressure brings you the sound of the band in a nice little package. Just like Girls, if someone wants to know about the band, this is another song to play. You would think that the sound would get a bit boring/old after a few songs, but I can safely say that that’s not the case. Pressure is the second to last song on the album, and I’ve listened to the album a billion times, so trust me on this I’m an expert.

An adorable song that doesn’t even need an introduction or an explanation. For all the romantics out there, this one is for you. For those who go about their life thinking of songs that would make everything much more like a movie, then this is for that moment where you’re staring at your crush…
I don’t do that…

This list wouldn’t be complete without this song. I almost hate myself for putting it on there because it’s just so obvious, but as much as it is played it just hasn’t got old yet. You should know this song, it’s amazing and is always the last song on the setlists – for good reason. This is that song that everyone sings along to, because it’s the one they all know, and believe me when I say that it’s such a good song to blare out and scream along to on a road trip!

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