The Power Of Make-Up!


Monday had me celebrate my 21st birthday, and it was glorious. The weekend just before my birthday was spent in Brighton with three of my girls, who are frankly just like my sisters. It was amazing. We all got ready together in the hotel room, and then strutted out in our heels after having drunk a lot of Ciroc.

I think the reason I loved the whole night so much was because of the makeup I was wearing. I felt like a Queen, dressed all in black with my thick black eye makeup and bright red lips!

Makeup has an effect on a girls mood, whether you want to admit it or not. Shallow, I know, but ladies let’s get real now – the makeup you wear can have a massive effect on your mood. When your eyebrow game is strong, and your eyeliner is perfectly winged and symmetrical, it just makes you feel like your life is on track! I don’t know what it is about it, but the power of makeup is a very strong power.

Imagine going on a night out where your eyebrow game is weak* and your eyeliner doesn’t match, your eyeshadow is just not happening and you don’t have a defined crease, and your lips are chapped, cracking, and the lipstick just doesn’t bring the outfit together. You’re gonna feel a bit down. Your confidence will be through the floor instead of the ceiling. It may be a great night, but it won’t be an AMAZING night if you’re not feeling at your best.

Now, think of that night where your eyebrows are on point, your eye makeup is completely working for you, your skin is flawless and your lips are not a joke. You will feel like a goddess. Beyoncé will have nothing on you (that’s a lie – Beyoncé has everything on everyone) and everyone just needs to bow down at you and take as many pictures as is humanly possible. Maybe not that extreme, but you get the idea.

I felt amazing in Brighton. And that hardly ever happens – I love getting dressed up and putting makeup on, but I’m just so lazy that it hardly ever happens! But when it does, I can feel the difference within myself. It’s amazing. I love makeup! It is actually like real magic!!

The only thing makeup can’t help me with is the fact that I cannot take a serious selfie. I will always pull a ridiculous face…


*Weak = they don’t match, are overgrown/not filled in/filled in completely wrong. Generally just terrible. You always want the strongest eyebrow game possible!

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