Indian Wedding Handbag Essentials

Indian weddings are no small affair. They all follow the same pattern, and a lot of the time they’re pretty damn similar. The reception is where the party is at (literally) and everyone looks forward to it, mainly due to the open bar. Everyone gets all dolled up to celebrate the wedding, spend some time catching up with extended family, eat a lot of food, and either reminisce or plan their own wedding.
Once you’ve been to a couple, you start to anticipate the things that can go wrong, and the things that you definitely need to have with you to prevent minor disasters. Here’s my checklist for things that you absolutely must have with you when attending an Indian wedding, along with your standard bag essentials (ladies, mainly for you. Guys, just make sure you spray yourself down with antiperspirant – no one likes getting bear hugged by their sweaty relative at the end of the night!)

This list was compiled by myself, and the upcoming makeup artist Sonia Nikki. Check her out on Instagram – she’s kind of awesome.

  1. Hair grips
    To prevent your fringe from flying all over the place, and also to secure your dupatta/chunni/scarf to your head
  2. Scholl Party Feet
    Those clear gel pad things you stick on your shoes for some comfort. You’ll need them after an hour on the dance floor in your stilettos!
  3. Lipstick
    You will consume an extraordinary amount of food and drink. Take your lipstick with you to keep your face looking on point!
  4. Safety Pins
    If you’re wearing a sari, this is one thing that you absolutely MUST have in your clutch bag! Nothing is worse than the fear that your sari might be falling loose
  5. Eyelash Glue
    Excellent for reapplying eyelashes and bindis
  6. Hairspray and Comb
    To tame those flyaway hairs. And for making it easier to change your hairstyle before the reception party starts
  7. Tissue
    It’s a wedding. You, or someone you know, is going to need a pack of tissues
  8. String for Bangles
    When you’re on your way home, and you want to remove the 50 bangles on each arm. Tying them together with string just makes sure that they’re all together and none go missing.
  9. Flat Shoes
    Your feet will be screaming in your heels by the end of the night. Also helpful for the ladies who will be driving home…
  10. Eye Drops
    The chances of you actually getting a lie-in on the wedding day are very slim, even if you are just a guest. You’d have probably had a late night because of the night-before party, and then you have to get up early to make sure you’re looking alive. Eye drops will keep you looking refreshed through the day
  11. Carrier Bag to Steal Center Pieces
    Don’t lie, you know you’ve done it in the past. This just makes it easier for you to take a centre piece home without anyone realising…
  12. Little Bag For Kids Stuff
    Kids find the weirdest and randomest stuff at weddings, and it’s all stuff that they’d want to take home with them, like confetti, table pieces, and flowers. Just take a bag for it all and make your life that much easier
  13. A Sick Bag
    The chances of you having an extremely drunk guy in your car are very high. Have a sick bag. You’ll probably need it
  14. Marital CV to Hand Out To Prospective Partners
    Give it to your mother/grandmother/auntie, and she will make sure that every single eligible bachelor’s mother has a copy
  15. Pepper Spray
    You can occasionally get overbearing old ladies that really, really think you’ll look good with their son, and want you to meet him, date him, marry him, bear his children.
    Pepper spray them.
    (not really)
  16. Phone Charger
    The day will be extremely long, and you’ll want to film everything and take a selfie with everyone. Avoid being “that person” whose phone died by having a portable charger

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