Great British Scandal

Last night’s Great British Bake Off now has the entire country steaming with rage. After Iain’s baked Alaska was seemingly sabotaged and he became the latest contestant to leave the baking tent, Twitter exploded with pure rage that only the British can muster up.

As it went on TV, it was an extremely hot day and the contestants were asked to make a baked Alaska from scratch. Everyone was running between counter and freezer, desperate to have their ice creams kept frozen. Iain put his already melting ice cream & cake in a freezer to prep his meringue, and then found out someone had taken it out. The pain on his face, and in the hearts of the millions of viewers was real. Very real. My jaw dropped open, and Mama Rihal was in disbelief. Why would you remove a baked Alaska from the freezer in a competition?!




So Britain reacted in the way that only the British would react to a ruined pudding – we took to Twitter to vent our frustration. And there were some real cracking tweets on there…






And the award for ragiest goes to this Tweet:


I think the editing of the show played a massive part in this; it always does. Everything changes with the way they edit the show – we saw Diana take it out of the freezer, and not two minutes later we hear Iain asking about where his ice cream had gone. Sue Perkins (presenter) took to Twitter to explain a few things…


She has a point. I’m pretty sure the BBC are happy with this though – their views for next weeks episode will be through the roof!

One thought on “Great British Scandal

  1. Lame! At the very least, she should have owned up to the fact that she took someone else ice cream out of the freezer, then ditched it on the counter on a hot day. Her silence on the matter spoke volumes to her guilt.


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