Be Cool! Pulp Fiction Urban Decay is ALMOST Here!

One of the greatest make up lines, Urban Decay, has collaborated with one of the greatest movies ever made, Pulp Fiction.

For fans of make up and Tarantino, i.e me,  this literally will be the greatest birthday/Christmas present ever!
(For the love of god someone take that hint!)

It’s only available in the US at the moment, but I’ve heard that the UK release date is set to be at the start of September. Meaning, I have less than a month till it’s possible for me to get hold of the bad-ass make up collection. Just in time for my birthday!!

The line is, of course, based on Uma Thurman’s character Mrs Mia Wallace and includes that red lipstick, a matching lip liner and nail polish, and an eyeshadow palette.

While I am of course excited to wear the nailpolish in a shade of red that I’ve been shopping for but has never quite looked bad-ass enough, it’s the eyeshadow palette that I’m itching to get.

The palette includes exclusive shades of browns, a light pink and a black and white! But, the most exciting thing about this palette is the names of the colours:

  • Righteous (light cream matte)
  • Tyranny (warm brown matte)
  • Vengeance (deep taupe-brown matte-satin)
  • Furious/Anger (white satin/black satin with a slight sparkle)

I’m so excited, just at the names, I might actually cry when I get it!



The palette includes a double-ended brush (like most Urban Decay palettes) in a kick-ass blood red colour.

If you’ve ever used Urban Decay eyeshadows before, then you know that it’s almost guaranteed to be amazing. They’re so pigmented which makes it easier to pack on and blend, which I love! Seriously, it’s so easy to blend Urban Decay eyeshadows, anyone can seem semi-professional.

The Pulp Fiction homage doesn’t end with the names. The front of the palette is black, with the Pulp Fiction logo in the corner, and the words to that speech by Samuel L Jackson’s character Jules Winnfield (Bad Mother F***er).
This is definitely a palette I need to get my hands on.



The lip colour is AWESOME too! It’s that kind of red that makes you feel like you can take over the world – ladies, you know what I’m talking about, don’t lie. I’ve not used an Urban Decay lipstick yet, as I’m more of a MAC girl, but if the quality of the eyeshadow is anything to go by then I’m sure it’ll be beautiful.
If not, I’ll still wear it because of that colour!



And of course we can’t forget the blood-red nail polish, which includes an awesome shimmer in a limited edition bottle to match the collection.


This collection is literally everything you need to look bad-ass on a night out and I am so excited for it to be released! It apparently had to be approved by Tarantino as well, which makes it ALL THE MORE AMAZING!!

For those in the US who can buy it already – do you have it? If so, how is it? I’m dying to know!

I’ve already decided that as soon as I get it, I’m going to dress up in black trousers and a white shirt and do my makeup, and do the dance.
Don’t hate me cause you ain’t me.

I was five, and posing like Mia Wallace. CAN YOU IMAGINE MY EXCITEMENT NOW?!
I was about five, and posing like Mia Wallace. CAN YOU IMAGINE MY EXCITEMENT NOW?!


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