Tattoo Discrimination is Still Discrimination

I’ve always wanted tattoos. I think they’re amazing and beautiful, and I would love to have one. Or ten. Mostly they’d be lyrics of songs that have changed my outlook on life and myself, and quotes that have helped me come to terms with the person I am: a total wreck.
But for some reason, certain people hate tattoos. And it’s these people that are the ones in power. For the most part…

My parents hate tattoos, but to be honest I pretty much expected that – my parents have always been old-fashioned (which is a nicer way of saying “a bit backwards”. But only I’m allowed to say that. If you say anything bad about my parents, I will be forced to slaughter you.)

This stigma attached to tattoos has been irritating me for years.

In today’s issue of the Metro there’s a short news story of a woman who got fired for having a tattoo on her left foot. It’s literally just a small butterfly design.
Jo Perkins is a procurement consultant; has been for years, and has worked for “many high-level companies” which is good for her!
She was employed on a five month contract by the facilities management company Salisbury FM, but once they noticed her tattoo they fired her.
She was previously commended by her bosses for her outstanding efforts.
Before they introduced the “no visible tattoo” rule.
And fired her.
For a butterfly tattoo.
On her foot.

The chief executive of Salisbury FM, Ed Swales said this: “The policy is in place to ensure our employees and contractors project the professional image we want our customers to see. Ms Perkins made no effort to comply with the policy.”

This guy. His mind is so closed, I am genuinely shocked that he was able to release that statement.
What an absolute disgrace, and a downright embarrassment for the human race.

Surely the most important thing about an employee is their ability to do the job at hand? If their brain works correctly, they know what they’re doing, and follow all the correct procedures, then surely that is what makes them good enough for the job. I do agree that personal image is an important part, with the way you dress and present yourself, but that is such a minor part to getting and keeping a job.

In one of the many many arguments I’ve had with my dad about tattoos, my older brother turned to me and said: “What if you needed surgery. Would you want your surgeon to have tattoos and stretched earlobes? No, of course not!” And this is an argument that pretty much every anti-tattoo person uses.

Actually, I would want them to operate on me. For someone to be able to permanently change their body with tattoos shows passion and commitment. And I don’t know about you, but I would really fucking like my surgeon to have COMMITTED and PASSIONATE as some of their personal traits. And anyway, if they managed to pass all their exams to get to med school, and then pass all their exams to get the license to practice, and then manage to actually GET a job, then I’m pretty sure they’re more than qualified to be able to operate.
Hell, they’re definitely smarter than all those people using that stupid argument in the first place!

If someone is qualified to do their job, and if they’re good at it, then having a tattoo is a highly stupid reason to fire them. Ed Swales said that Jo Perkins didn’t make an effort to comply with the policy of maintaining a professional image, on a new rule they’d introduced to cover tattoo’s. Perkins’ tattoo is on her foot – if she was to wear skirts or dresses in the summer, it would be visible. Unless Swales wants her to wear bulky socks to cover it up, and risk looking a bit ridiculous…?

I am so done.

Being judged for having a tattoo is no different to being judged depending on your race, your age, your size, your sexuality, your mental health… Discrimination is discrimination. If we can allow CEO’s to start firing people purely for expressing themselves, then who’s to say where it all stops? People are fighting every day for equality everywhere, and I don’t know why this tattoo business is just going overlooked. Swales obviously doesn’t care about it, otherwise he wouldn’t have issued such a bullshit statement.

This is straight up discrimination, and it should be fought against.

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