#AskThicke – Not The Brightest Idea


Twitter Q+A’s are pretty popular now, with many big companies bringing in a specialist in whatever field to take over the company Twitter account to answer questions from fans. Reading & Leeds Festival do it every year, featuring a different band every week in the months running up to the weekend.

VH1 are also into it, and they brought in Robin Thicke today.

I have no idea what possessed them to choose him (actually I do: marketing – it gets people talking about them because who the fuck cares about VH1 anymore?) but it honestly could not have been a worse choice. No, wait, it was a great choice because everyone was tweeting them?
Business-wise it was the best choice they could have possibly made. Morality-wise, it was god-awful. There’s a long list of tweets full of hatred, anger, and full on sarcasm, all proudly containing the #AskThicke tag.

Robin Thicke has pretty much been branded King of the Misogynistic Fuckwits. His 2013 hit ‘Blurred Lines’ was almost justifying rape, the oppression and objectifying of women, and reinforcing a patriarchal society by visually showing how Thicke regards women. It is a disgusting song, lyrically, and a disgusting video, visually.
Musically, it’s pretty awesome (claps 4 you, Pharrell, even though you co-wrote it so my respect for you has dropped significantly)

The world is still not over how degrading that song is, and since its release it has being banned in a load of universities, bars and clubs across the world. So, why oh why did that not stop VH1 from inviting him in to take over their Twitter account?

Naturally, the internet trolls took it upon themselves to prove just how ridiculous an idea this was. Most of the #AskThicke tweets were pretty much along of the lines of these beautiful snippets of the tag:

The hashtag truly is glorious, I highly recommend going through it just to cheer yourself up.

Some of them (like the last one) touch upon Thicke’s new album, titled Paula, for his wife. Now, before you go all “awww” you need to know – she left him. And he has since very publicly tried to get her back, by releasing a song complete with music video, which is very sneakily titled ‘Get Her Back’.
He’s full of mystery, that guy.

I will never feel sympathy towards him for having his wife leave. His songs and everything they stand for are totally disgusting, and if that’s the man he really is, then she’s dodged a giant bazooka. The fact that he’s making this whole aspect of his personal life so public doesn’t tell me he’s upset, it tells me that he’s playing the VICTIM in this unfortunate event and wants the public to be on his side, by acting like a broken-hearted little man, who just wants the love of his life back, which in turn portrays her as the bad guy rather than the sane woman walking away from a failed relationship with a pro-rape, woman-degrading maniac.

His love for his wife didn’t seem too obvious when he had those naked girls all up on him in the Blurred Lines music video, or when he was dry-humping a 20-year old Miley Cyrus at the VMA’s last year.

None Of My Business


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