I Am Chanandler Bong.

Actually Me
Actually Me

Everyone loves Friends. Everyone. If you don’t then you’re wrong, you’re completely wrong, or something is horrendously wrong with you.
What makes it so amazing, and the secret to any good TV show, is that the characters and the chemistry between them is so real. I can see a little bit of myself in every character. I’m kind of like a mother figure to some of my friends (Harry, for example. If I hadn’t looked after him when he drank too much at Reading, no one would have), much like Monica. A lot of the time my friends don’t fully understand what I’m trying to say, a bit like Phoebe. I find mundane scientific facts fascinating where everyone else finds them boring, which is the Ross side of me at an all time high. I know exactly what I want to do with my life and I’m trying my absolute hardest to get it, just like Rachel. Sometimes I need a bit of looking after because I can be a bit childish and lost – Joey.

But the character I relate to the absolute most is Chandler. Straight up.

  1.   My exact reaction when someone understands me when I use the phrase “you knowwwwww THAT THING!!!!!!”We're Like This
  2. When I eat an entire three course meal and start struggling with the dessertFood
  3. Every single New Years Eve, at the countdownChandler
  4. My life, generally. Except I don’t say it, I text it. Or Snapchat it…Dumb Things
  5. My reaction when my mum rants at me about my life, and career, and my goals. And when she asks me what I’m doing on weekends…Goals
  6. My general reaction when people talk to me
  7. I’m hilarious and I know itJokes
  8. The question I ask myself daily, and every week with TasLove
  9. It takes literally all of my energy to not reply with this when people ask me how I’m feeling
  10. Me, when I’m lying awake at night and it’s 3amWhat's Wrong With Me
  11. When someone asks me if I can “give them a hand”my excuse
  12. When my friends call me up to cry about their lifesarcasm
  13. The main reason why I don’t go out with friends is because when we dance it looks like thislife
  14. Me? Gloat? Never! I do this instead
  15. Then I get depressed and realise exactly what my life is
    1           2


I see myself in Chandler in every episode of Friends. I am Chandler Bing.

9 thoughts on “I Am Chanandler Bong.

  1. Hey there, great post on Chanandler Bong! I laughed at all of the GIFS. Chandler is without a doubt my doppelgänger and I love FRIENDS little bit more because of him! 🙂

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