A Part 2 of My Previous ‘Orange Is The Black: Season 2’ Post

Okay, so during the week I posted about Orange is the New Black and my thoughts on Season 2 and how I thought it was going to pan out and my reactions to the story lines and characters and what I wanted to happen, after watching just 8 episodes.

This is like a part 2 to that post, because I think that after everything I mentioned then, I need to go back in time and just scream at myself. Let’s just take this point by point, shall we?

  • Brook Soso isn’t that bad. She’s okay. Still annoying, as hell, and I doubt I’d be able to spend more than 15 minutes alone with her but she’s still alright. I admire how passionate she is about human rights, and the planet, and all of that stuff; it’s really quite cool! I love her choice of hunger strike for better conditions – even though it was kind of ironic how she was voluntarily punishing herself whilst being punished…
  • I still love Red. Red is bad ass, but she’s going soft, and that’s okay! That’s not a bad thing, she’s just literally too old to be all sinister, and she’s been through more than enough, the poor woman needs a break, and a nice and easy way to just smuggle contraband in. I love how she still looks after her girls, and tried her absolute hardest to get them back, and I love how she managed that! The whole ‘Golden Oldie’ thing was amazing too; even though all those women were “old” they’re hardcore, and just choose not to be upfront about it. 
  • Pornstache – dude. He is a pervert, he’s annoying, he’s obnoxious, but he is one of my favourite characters. His character in general is just hilarious. I know everyone pretty much hated him in season 1, but I won’t lie, his entrance into season 2 made me ridiculously happy that he was back. He’s just bantz really, init… 
  • Daya and Bennett – yes they annoyed me throughout. Yes I still want to kick Bennett’s fake leg off. Yes Bennett needs to fucking grow up. Yes Daya is expecting way too fucking much of him. She seriously wants him to admit that it’s his baby and get thrown in prison to prove to everyone how much he loves her I mean she SERIOUSLY wants him to do that and not have anyone there to raise her baby? Seriously? Yes it is totally unfair that Pornstache had to take the fall for them without even knowing the truth but honestly, that’s a fucking ridiculous suggestion to make from her. I’m done with that couple. 
  • The Spanish Harlem got better to handle as the season went on – it ended up being just Daya that I wanted to bitch-slap. Mendoza’s alright, she doesn’t want anymore trouble, and I respect that!
  • Vee. I hate that woman. She went through every of her nearest and dearest and used and manipulated them just to instil fear into everyone else. She is a favourite character but only because I really fucking hate her! I genuinely hoped that her and Red would be friends, but then all their past came out and I realised just how evil Vee is. I thought Taystee would always be Vee’s exception to the whole “trust no one and fuck everyone” rule, and clearly Taystee did, too. It was awful seeing Taystee get cut out like that. I love how she built herself up to be an incredibly massive light and force to reckoned with, what with being the only person in two seasons to escape prison. In the end she got run over by a dying cancer patient who was also on the run, and a victim of Vee’s. If that’s not a lesson in karma, then I don’t know what is. 
  • Rosa’s story was incredible. I fucking LOVED it! I love the fact that we only ever saw her in the first 2-ish episodes of season 1, and then she’s suddenly brought back, and given a whole storyline. Her end was liberating – escaping prison and driving off with that same thrill she used to chase, and then running over a bully. It’s kinda bad ass, really.
  • Healy’s character development is pretty cool to watch. He blows hot and cold throughout the two seasons, but at the end of the day we know he is trying to do the right thing, just his ego and prick-ish nature ruin that for him. I’m sure he’ll get better at it next season. Alex Vause – I can kind of see her point? But I still don’t think it was good enough for her to be forgiven. At all. She has a lot of sucking up to do, to be honest. She was totally out of line, and in a disgusting way I’m really glad that Kubra also walked away, just to fuck her life up even more and make her regret going against Piper. 
  • Larry and Polly confuse me. 

The rest of season 2 just brought in a bunch of plot twists that I don’t think I was really prepared for, but that’s what makes this show so amazing. You genuinely have no idea what is going to happen and the reasons why don’t come until later. Even if someone only pays for Netflix to watch this show, I’d say it’s worth it! 

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