Women are (kind of) better than men

Women are badass creatures. And I’m not just saying that because I am a woman (shock, horror), we really truly are.

  • Women provide the backbone to the world. It’s true, we do. Without a woman, no powerful man would be the person they are. Think about it, without your mum, you’re screwed! Without a sister there to tell you when you’re being a twat, you’ll never learn how NOT to behave! There’s that popular saying, “behind every successful man, there’s a woman who made him that way” and I stand by the fact that that is true. What kind of president would Obama be without Michelle by his side? Who would Jared Leto take to the Oscars and dedicate his speech to, if not his mother? Jay Z would not be the gentleman he is without Beyoncé on his arm, and Halestorm would not be the amazing band they are without Lzzy Hale. Men need a woman; that’s just a fact.
    Bey & Jay
  • Sports. There’s a girl team for pretty much every sport now, and you boys don’t have the whole “girls can’t throw” excuse, so just sit down and shut up.
  • Women are naturally able to cope with having several different emotions at once. Seriously, we can harbor an extreme hatred towards one person, flirt outrageously with another, focus on work and a career, be composed and helpful around children and the elderly, shower friends and family with love, and still have the time and energy to go out for a cheeky cocktail or two (or three or four) in the evening. If a man tried to focus on more than three things at once, he would probably shut down. I’ve seen it happen, my two brothers literally cannot handle more than three different emotions before breaking down.
  • WE HAVE THE ABILITY TO CHANGE OUR ENTIRE PERSONALITY USING MAKEUP AND CLOTHES. Ladies, you know when you get all dressed up, with your nails done, lashes on, lips a bright red colour, and you’re wearing the hottest dress, and the highest heels? And you feel like you can easily take over the world? Yeah, that pure self-assurance that makes you feel completely powerful will also make you act confident as hell. Boom!beyoncepowerwalk
  • We can walk in six inch heels. Obviously, some are better than others, but all women naturally have the ability to walk in the highest heels – it’s just in our DNA! But for those who are a little bit like Bambi, practice makes perfect, so keep strutting in your bedroom!
  • Obviously, this one needs to be mentioned – PERIODS. Every. Damn. Month. Obviously, special mention goes out to those who suffer from cramps. And for you men (and women who magically don’t suffer from cramps) – if you have never experienced the pain of literally feeling like your insides are being ripped out, then you are not allowed to voice your opinion. Simple as. The disgusting change in hormones can literally make us want to eat everything in existence while crying about how fat we are, and wanting to drink ourselves into a stupor while caring too much about people’s opinions of us, wanting a hug from everyone, but simultaneously wanting to commit mass murder. And on top of all that, we have to just pretend like we’re not going through that hell.jess-day-talking-about-pms
  • Studies have shown that women overall have a higher IQ than men.
    I literally have nothing more to add.hermione-granger-harry-potter-wingardium-leviosa

Women are glorious. There was a time when we were viewed as the weaker sex, but not any more. Men and women are now pretty much equal, just in some cases we are SO much better!

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