HIMYM was wrongly named.

After nine seasons, the last episode of How I Met Your Mother aired earlier this week, and the subject has since taken over the internet. For fans of the show, the finale was either a dream come true, or a slap in the face.

Over the nine seasons, Ted Mosby has been telling us, and his kids about how he met their mother (duh!) but there’s only one problem to the story. The whole story is about the mother, who he doesn’t even MEET until the last episode. NINE SEASONS about a character who has the least amount of screen time! I’m pretty sure even Patrice got more screen time than the mother, Tracy. GOD DAMMIT PATRICE!

If you have a heart, then you would have cried like a baby at Barney’s moment, when he meets his daughter Ellie for the first time. The sincerity and love that came from Barney for her makes the love he had for Robin look like a crush. The only woman Barney needs in his life is his daughter. She is the love of his life. Everything he has, and everything he is is hers. Forever.

Honestly speaking now, the show wasn’t even about how Ted met Tracy. It was literally about how Ted met this girl and dated her a few times, before watching her get married and then divorced while he meets another girl who has his children and then dies, leaving him to go get the girl he originally met. This is the story of how Ted’s kids convince him to FINALLY get back together with Robin.

It’s almost heartbreaking knowing that there’s never going to be another episode of HIMYM. We’ve watched the gang grow up, and been there through their ups and downs, we pretty much deserve our own space at the booth in MacLaren’s pub. I love all the characters in HIMYM. Maybe not as much as my best friend, Tas, who’s the real life version of Ted Mosby (read this earlier post that will explain it. Not that it needs much explaining), but I do really love them. I feel like they’ve taught me valuable life lessons, and sometimes in my daily life, I’ll think about how Marshall would handle the situation, seeing as he is the best character, and I’ll try and to what he would do. But only in some situations.

The show makes me forever thankful for the best friends I have, and I honestly just pray that I stay friends with them for the rest of my life (Tas, David, that means you two.)

HIMYM, you will be missed, sorely. But thanks for the lessons, the laughs, and the memories. It truly was legen-wait for it-DARY!


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