A rant on Social Justice Warriors.

Remember the irritating days when it was “a done thing” to put your sexuality in your social network profile? No one really knew the reason why, but after a couple of months, it was questioned a ridiculous amount.

General “nobody cares what your sexuality is, why are you shoving it everyone’s face?” posts began taking over the internet and soon enough it was no longer popular. People had finally learnt their lesson.

But now that ridiculous trend is back, and with a vengeance.

For some reason, extreme ‘social justice’ bloggers have taken it upon themselves to get emotionally and irrationally hurt when someone identifies as “normal”. What’s normal? Well, to be honest, it’s now pretty much a universally known truth that there is no normal – except for in certain fuckwits like racists and homophobes, who believe that everyone who lives a life different to their own is abnormal. But the point still stands that in the large majority of the population, there is no normal. These extreme social justice warriors (SJW) began classifying anyone as white/male/straight/cis as “normal” and oppressing everyone else. If you don’t know what cis is, do not ask them, as they will give themselves carpal tunnel by typing out a ridiculous reply which basically explains how because you don’t know, that means you are more privileged than them, and therefore mean nothing. Cis, short for cisgender and cissexual, basically means that your gender matches your assigned sex. How does the make someone privileged? Because cis people are “the oppressors” to everyone that’s identifies as someone other than cis. Now I must mention that although this unawareness is a HUGE deal for an extreme SJW, there are genuine social justice bloggers who are actively blogging to answer any questions about the differences in sexuality, and will tell you why in some situations they can be made to feel oppressed by certain individuals.

These SJW show no mercy in their posts. If they don’t like something that’s been posted on the internet even a teeny tiny bit, they will flip a shit, make a mountain out of a molehill, and spend hours crafting an appropriate response aimed at the author of the original post, and will ignore everything that even slightly opposes their weak argument. In some cases, they will read way between the lines on previous posts, make an entire assumption about a person, and attack them on everything, purely because they were “made to feel oppressed.” I’m sorry, but how the hell can ANYONE be oppressed, online, by a stranger. That person does not, cannot, and will not control you. They literally can’t stop you doing what you want to do, and they can’t stop you posting things you want to. So, that brings me back to the question – HOW can you be made to feel oppressed by someone online? If that was possibly in any way, the only people doing the oppressing here are the SJW, who will send extreme hate towards someone in order to try and drive them off the website, just because they posted something that made a SJW feel a little uncomfortable. But GOD FORBID they should try and talk to the OP about it…

There’s such a thing known as ‘cishate’  and ‘cisphobia’ now, which is basically a weird, internet cult that shows hatred toward all those who identify as cis. If you just spend five minutes scrolling through the ‘cishate’ or ‘cisphobia’ tags on Tumblr, you will see just how shitty and hypocritical these people are. They are literally saying: “go die cis scum” just because “they feel oppressed” by something that one person may have done to them. They are telling the entire population of those who identify as cis to go die. Sigh.

Bloggers will try and silence a SJW and protect themselves, and so have now started mentioning their sexuality, gender, and even race in their bio’s. I am sorry, but this gives the same reaction as when people used to just post their sexuality – nobody cares! And why should they care? That is you. It shouldn’t have an affect on your friends’ lives, and so why would they need to know that information as soon as they meet you?

I don’t care if you’re a white, cis, straight woman, or if you’re a black, trans, lesbian woman. If you’re a nice and genuine person, then HI THERE, nice to meet you, I’m Seetal! The fact that you are even mentioning all of that info online, where you have the opportunity to remain anonymous, just goes to show that you want all of this nonsense to be a big deal. People fight for equality every day, which means that they campaign for the right to respect from everyone and towards everyone. If you’re going to try and make a big deal out of how you identify yourself, then that’s not showing equality at all, it’s showing segregation. When I make friends, I make friends based on their opinions and how much we have in common. Similarly, if I’m going to follow your blog, then I follow it for the content you post, and whether we have anything in common. I do not make friends or follow blogs based on their age, gender, sexuality, race, or any of all that shit. That, in my humble opinion, is equality.

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