“Face it, you’re never gonna make it!”

I am so bad at this regular blogging malarky, it’s almost painful. Seriously, everyone else manages to put their thoughts down in a coherent manner, and still somehow remain witty and aloof.
I, on the other hand, somehow end up as an anxious, nervous wreck, trembling behind my laptop wondering how the hell to put my many thoughts into words. The most ironic thing about this is – I want to be a journalist.

What kind of aspiring journalist doesn’t even know how to type their thoughts out?!

I’m fine when I’m talking. Actually, that’s a giant lie. I’m not fine. I’m only ever fine when I’m comfortable with you. If you’ve seen me eat food, then I’m fine with talking to you about stuff. If you’ve seen me drink, then I’m fine with talking to you about stuff stuff. If you’ve attended a gig with me, then we’re basically married, and I will consider you a close friend and text you stupid, quirky things that make me giggle.

But typing stuff out? It’s too… professional. It’s like I need to remain this very calm, composed, confident, bad ass woman. And I am just not that person! Blogging should be great for me! I should be down with this! I should be bursting with ideas about what to write about, but no. I draw a blank every time I remember about this. It’s not that I don’t have things to write about, because I do! I just have no way to express myself over the internet, without using my hands and sighing in the right places as a reaction to something I read/heard/saw/encountered/thought/did.
-sigh. (see, it doesn’t translate well online!)

I’m currently talking to my friend about metal music. Metal singers, specifically. We concluded that men that can sing, and growl/scream like a beast, are incredibly attractive. We’re still unsure why we think this, we just do. We actually both have thought this for a while, we’ve only just actually realised that we both agreed with each other. We owe this realisation of how similar we are to Danny Worsnop from Asking Alexandria (the song in particular is A Single Moment, and the specific part of the song that makes so wildly attracted to the growls is the whole “GETONYERKNEES.. OHHHHH” 

That’s my genuine contribution to my own blog post.

I’m gonna get better at this. Or, atleast, I’m gonna post more. I will. I promise. I will try. An attempt shall be made. An extremely fierce attempt shall be made. I will blog aggressively. I will, dammit!

Who am I kidding, I’ll just end up posting about music, before being silent for a week, then coming back with a pointless rant/post about my life. This probably will never work out successfully… ~sigh. (maybe changing the – to a ~ helps?)

Until next time…

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