Blogging 101

I’ve literally just been told to start blogging. As in, I’m sitting at work, and being told to blog. Normally, I’d jump at the chance to be all over Tumblr, I am pretty much a Dashboard Scrolling Queen, but that’s not normal blogging. My fangirling ways are not genuine blogging, it’s reblogging. I need to actually blog.


I don’t have opinions or thoughts that people are interested in! I mean, I want to be a journalist, which is why I’m on this course in the first place, and I always assumed that I was a blogger, thanks to Tumblr. Yet, just to be told to blog something is proving to be about a thousand times more difficult than it should be for someone like me. I’m an opinionated piece of shit – I should have no problem with this! But no. My brain refuses to cooperate with me today. So have this meaningless text post that will literally contribute nothing to your life.

Expect more soon. I promise the next will have some sort of genuine content, and won’t be me just attempting to kill some time while everyone else arounds me fills their text posts with witty/informative/inspirational stories to publish on the glorious place that is The Internet.

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